Indian Granite Colors Types Names & ዋጋዎች

Find the best granite in India, with Variation, Colors, Price Range and different types of Indian Granite.

Indian Granite Colors

Indian Granite are one of the finest quality granite available. The granites from India are hard in nature and takes an excellent polish. The quality of these granites is superior to Chinese and Brazilian granite. Quarries of these granite located all over India. Flodeal is a leading manufacturer and exporter of granite from India. Flodeal ላይ, we produce high-quality Indian Granite Colours in different designs and sheds at our state of art factories.


There are two major types of granites from India as per the locations :

  • የደቡብ ህንድ የጥቁር ድንጋይ
  • ሰሜን ህንድ የጥቁር ድንጋይ

Major granite quarries are located in the states of Tamil Nadu (Selam, Shoolgiri, Madurai, Chennai), ካርናታካ (Bangalore Mysore), አንድራ ፕራዴሽ (Vishakhapatanam, Ongole), Telangana (Khammam, Hyderabad, Karimnagar), ራጃስታን, Gujarat, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh.

There is also a huge deposit of granites in West Bengal, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh states. There are few new areas discovered as well in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand states. Only the Chhattisgarh has seen new quarries of granite.

The major processing of granite is done in Bangalore and Udaipur cities. There are hundreds of manufacturing, processing and export units in these cities. The major export of Granite is done in India by the merchant and manufacturer exporters from these two cities.

Indian Granite Colors

There are many colors available in granite from India, we can segregate these granites in the following category as per the color :

  • ከጥቁር ድንጋይ – ፍፁም ጥቁር, ጥቁር ጋላክሲ
  • የነጭ የጥቁር ድንጋይ – ካሽሚር ነጭ, አላስካ ነጭ, ጨረቃ ነጭ
  • ቀይ የጥቁር ድንጋይ – አዲስ ኢምፔሪያል ቀይ, ቀይ Multicolor
  • ሰማያዊ የጥቁር ድንጋይ – Vizag ሰማያዊ, ፈዘዝ ያለ ሰማያዊ
  • ቡናማ የጥቁር ድንጋይ – ታን ብራውን, በረሃ ብራውን, Paradiso
  • Yellow Granite – ክሪስታል ቢጫ, Nosra Yellow
  • Beige Granite – በአይቮሪ ብራውን, Madura ጎልድ
  • አረንጓዴ የጥቁር ድንጋይ – ሀሰን አረንጓዴ, Kuppam Green
  • ሮዝ የጥቁር ድንጋይ – ጭንቁን ሮዝ, Chima ሮዝ

All these Granite colors are available in different dimensions and thickness.

Granite Price List

We can separate the cost by following the price list :

  • Low Price GraniteUS$ 16 to US$ 25 / ካሬ ሜትር
  • Medium Price GraniteUS$ 26 to US$ 45 / ካሬ ሜትር
  • High Price GraniteUS$ 46 to US$ 105 / ካሬ ሜትር.

You can access the price list of all granite colors by contacting us. We have specially designed price list for separate regions all over the world. The prices of Granite are made as per the market situation, requirements and popular sizes. The price of granite is in per square foot and per square meter as per the popular unit in respective countries.

Finest granites are used for Kitchen countertops, ግድግዳ ዝነኛው, ይሁንለት!, ንጣፍና, benchtops, መታጠቢያ ሰቆች, floor tiles, and wall tiles. ደግሞ, you can use it as Paver Blocks, make statues and monuments. Indian Granites are called Indian Granit ወይም India Granit in many parts of the world. This is due to different languages.

The Finest quality Granite names and pictures are as follows, you can follow respective links to know more about these materials.

Indian Granite Types Names and Pictures