індыйскі мармур

Indian Marble are known for beautiful textures, strength, і даўгавечнасць. The marble which are quarried and processed in India are world class and with unique color and pattern.

Indian Marble Colors

The major quarries of marble are located in Udaipur and Rajsamand area. Few quarries are located in Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh and Chittorgarh near Udaipur These Marbles are mainly used for flooring. These marbles are available in tile, пліты, and other cut sizes. The Indian Marble are available in different types and colors. The Green Marble is exclusively from Udaipur and Rajsamand is famous for its beautiful white marble range.


  • белы мармур
  • зялёны мармур
  • карычневы мармур
  • чорны мармур
  • залаты мармур


  • Low price Marble
  • High price premium marble


These marbles are very useful for use in Kitchen Countertops, падлогу, Wall tiles, пакрыццё, Ваннай плітка і г.д.. At the moment we are producing following types of Marble from India :