26 Most Popular Granite and Marble in the United States

Popular Indian Granite and Marble

Marble and Granite are very much used materials in modern architecture. These materials are mostly used in making Kitchen Countertops, Flooring, Memorials, wall cladding, Pavers, etc. Following is the list of 26 most popular granite and marble in the United States. This list comprises of only materials with Indian Origin, you can also browse Indian Granite and Marble on other section of this website :


This is one of the most popular granite all around the world. The Absolute Black is mostly used for making Kitchen Countertops and Memorials. General customers from the United States prefer the darkest Absolute Black Granite aka premium black granite. This is a sold dark color granite with very fine grains. This is the darkest granite available in the world.

standard quality absolute black
Star Galaxy Granite Closeup


Black Galaxy is also a popular granite in the US. You can make Kitchen Countertops and beautiful wall cladding with this dark colored silver and gold speckled granite. The size generally people prefer in Black Galaxy Granite is Width 6ft and up x Length 9ft and above. This granite can be used in flooring as well. Tiles of Black Galaxy Granite are very popular in making floors, bathrooms, Kitchen tops.


The Alaskan white is one of the most popular white granite for Kitchen Countertops used in the US market. This is a beautiful white granite with black and brown specks. This is also used in wall cladding. This granite is similar to Brazilian Alaska White granite, the strength and hardness of Indian Alaska White granite are better than the Brazilian counterpart.

Blue Dunes Granite


Blue dunes or Azul Celeste granite is a new granite. This granite has a brown, green and blue background with brown and green dunes type pattern. This granite is mostly used for making Kitchen Countertops. This is a very beautiful granite and it looks like a desert dune.


White Galaxy Granite is an evergreen popular granite in the United States and Canada. This granite is used for making Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Walls and flooring. This granite is popular all over the world. This is a premium granite from India. The tiles of this granite are used for flooring and wall cladding.


This brown granite is one of the most popular Indian Granite in the world. It is available in Flamed, Leather, and polished finishing. This is mostly used for making Kitchen Countertops, flooring and wall cladding. This granite has a dark tan background with brown flowers. Tan Brown Granite is also very popular in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. This is also South Indian Granite.


Steel Grey granite is also known as Silver Pearl Granite. This granite is an ideal choice for big area flooring and Kitchen Countertops. The color of this granite is mostly grey with light and dark shed flower pattern. The color is silver and grey. Polished Silver Pearl looks very good and attractive. This granite also comes in the Flamed and Leather finishing.

Steel Grey Granite


This is a very low variation of brown granite from India. This is mostly used for making Kitchen Countertops in the United States. The coffee brown granite color is like the coffee beans. This granite is also one of the most sought-after granite colors in Canada as well.


The Black Pearl Granite is also a popular black and grey granite in the United States. This granite is mostly used as Kitchen Countertops. Many homeowners prefer the black pearl granite over expensive Absolute Black Granite. You can also use this granite in flooring, Backsplash and wall cladding tiles.


This is one of the most beautiful and popular white granite in the United States. This granite is a very popular choice for making Kitchen Countertops, Flooring and wall cladding. The color is a milky white and grey. This granite has been used in many large scale flooring and cladding projects. This granite is probably most talked about granite since the quarries of this material were closed for more than 5 years, but it didn’t lose the popularity.


This is a cream and ivory base granite with golden brown and black speckles. The Colonial cream granite is also known as Ivory Cream, Bianco Romano, and Astoria Cream granite. There are different trade names for this popular granite. This is mostly used as Kitchen Worktops, but it is also very useful in flooring since this is a light colored granite. You can use tiles of Colonial Cream granite in bathroom, wall tiles as well.

Monte Cristo Granite


Monte Christo Granite is a very premium exclusive and exotic granite from India. It has a blue/grey background with blue and grey strips intersecting. This is a very beautiful granite for worktops and wall cladding. This is one of the most expensive granite from India. People in the United States buy slabs in Monte Cristo granite for making Kitchen Countertops.


Moon white is white granite from India, this granite is very popular in the United States as Kitchen Worktops. The Moon white has a white and grey background with brown garnets. These garnets look beautiful with the white background. You can use the moon white granite with white cabinet, brown cabinet and other darker shed cabinets. You can also use it in flooring.

Moon White Granite


Lavender Blue is a beautiful blue granite. It has a blue base with fine garnets of brown color. This granite also has boxes type pattern in the structure of the material. These boxes are darker on the border which makes this granite looks very luxury. This is project material. Many projects have used this material is the flooring needs. The Lavender Blue Granite is also a very popular granite for making Kitchen Countertops and worktops. Backsplash tiles of Lavender blue granite are also available.


Ivory brown granite is one of the most popular granite. This Granite has ivory, cream background with brown veins. The ivory base of this granite also has a pink tone like the material. This shed looks beautiful either in flooring or in making Kitchen Countertops.


Viscon white is a Beautiful white granite with dark black lines and cloudy pattern. The alternative name of viscount white granite is Silver Cloud Granite. The material has a white background with a black and grey cloudy pattern. This is a high variation granite, however, a single lot consist the similar material. This granite is extensively used for making flooring and wall cladding. Countertops and worktops of Viscount white granite are amazing, they appear like a cloud in the Kitchen.


River white is a splendid white granite. This is a very popular granite not only in the United States but also in Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. This granite has a bright white background with river type veins in the pattern. The pattern and color make this granite a very popular choice for both flooring and countertops.


Desert Brown Granite is dark brown granite with black and light brown flowers. This Granite is a very strong material and very good for making Kitchen Counters, worktops, Flooring, backsplash tiles. This is a North Indian Granite. The Flamed finished desert brown granite has the use of Poolside pavers, wall cladding. This is a low variation granite and very good for big flooring and cladding projects. The other names of this granite are Tropical Brown and brown leaf.


The Imperial White Granite is a very premium white granite from India which is a popular granite in the United States and Europe. This granite is very beautiful. It has a white background with thin veins of grey and black color. There are also white strips in the Imperial White granite which makes this granite more beautiful. You can buy Imperial White Granite in small slabs, big slabs for making Kitchen Countertops and Flooring.


Black Forest Granite, Silver Paradiso, and Pretoria Black, all are different trade names of the same material. This is dark black granite with silver and white veins. These veins are sometimes similar to forest green marble. This granite is a popular choice for making Kitchen Countertops and room wall cladding. You can use this granite in different types of uses.


The Fantasy Brown Marble or Fantasy Brown Granite or some says Fantasy Brown Quartzite is without any doubt one of the most used colors for Countertops and worktops in the United States. This material is very famous for different types of uses such as wall cladding and Kitchen Countertops. You can use this granite in flooring as well. This material is immensely popular in different US cities and states. The major consumption of this marble is in New Jersey, Houston, Florida, New York, etc. This beautiful brown marble is more or less the most popular material in the United States.

Rainforest Brown Marble


Wow! This may be the first word after looking at this marble first time. Many people have asked us that is it a natural thing or somebody has made it. The Rainforest Brown is without any doubt nature’s great gift to mankind. This is a very beautiful marble. This Popular Marble has a brown base color with brown and green sheds and strong brown veins which intersect each other. You can make wonderful wall cladding with the Rainforest Brown Marble.


Rainforest Green is quarried with the Rainforest Brown marble. This is also a very beautiful marble. This marble has the same properties as the brown one. You can use the Rainforest Green Marble as wall cladding, bathroom tiles, and backsplash tiles. Many homeowners love to use this marble as Kitchen Countertop as well. This is a very soft marble. The Rainforest Green Marble has a green base with strong brown veins in the pattern. This marble is so much natural green, you can use it in office it makes the environment very pleasant. It seems like a forest.


Mercury Black Marble is a very new marble. This marble is gaining popularity in the US market. This marble is very hard and strong. It has similar properties to the Fantasy Brown. The color of this marble is dark black with a white silver and grey cloudy pattern. Slabs and tiles of mercury black marble are very good for use in wall cladding and kitchen countertops.


River Blue marble is a very new marble. The River Blue marble has similar properties to Mercury Black and Fantasy Brown Marble. It has a blue-grey white background with some brown and blue veins in the pattern. River Blue has a cloudy structure with a similar pattern to Fantasy Brown or White Fantasy. It is very much used in wall cladding, Flooring, and Kitchen Countertops. This is a very hard marble and takes excellent polishing.

river blue marble


Scorpio Marble is a beautiful brown and purple marble. You can use this marble in flooring and kitchen worktops. It has a brown and purple background with a white, dark brown, black and white cloudy pattern. This marble is a north Indian marble. It is a very popular Marble in the United States.

There are many new materials on the list and there may be confusion about the trade name of these materials. However, you can visit our marble and granite section on this website to confirm the color and match the trade name. Furthermore, the list could have been longer but we tried to keep it small. There are also other marble and granite which are popular in the United States of America. We have used analysis of visitors to find out which are the most popular materials in the specific country. We are planning to bring more country-specific lists in this series.

These materials have earned a very good reputation in the US market. Indian materials are very strong and long-lasting. Latest Automatic machines cut this material for precision and polishing. You can choose tiles, countertops or slabs for your requirements.