Alaska Gold Granite is the gold model of Alaska White distinctive stone. The luster of gold, the flexibility of brown, and the touch of black outline the physical appearance of Alaska Goldstone is exceptional. Its mixture of colors conspires to produce a unique stone and look to the house. Alaska gold tiles are in trend and you should also go for them.

  • Sizes of Alaska Gold Granite

Alaska gold tiles are available in different sizes. Its size can be customized according to your needs.
It is preferred for outside wall cladding and floors. The leading supplier of top-rate high-quality  stone gives slabs, tiles, and countertops of Alaska gold granite.

  • Thickness of Alaska Gold Granite

The Alaska gold tiles come with a thickness of around 15-20cm.
While this Alaska gold granite stone is used for kitchen countertops. When it is in mixture with the mild colored fixture it creates a perfect area for cooking.

Prices of Alaska Gold Granite

The following is the price list according to the grad top-the product:
US$ 16 to US$ 25/ Sq. Metre
US$ 26 to US$ 45 / Sq. Metre
US$ 46 to US$ 105 / Sq. Metre