Alaska White Granite Countertops

The stone got the name from the well-known Alaska vicinity of the United States. Alaska White Granite Countertops design has some intersecting lines that appeal to the eye.

The Alaska White granite is available in multiple sizes of countertops form. It also comes in slightly variant colours.

  • Sizes of Alaska white Granite

Countertops are available in the following sizes :

27″x108″x2 cm
27″x108″x3 cm

  • thickness of Alaska white countertops

Alaska white countertops are available in 18*18 cm and 400mm*400mm.
We provide a much size of countertops which are convenient for you. Thickness has been determined to fit the tiles according to requirements at any corner.
Alaska white is a very hard strong ring stone. That’s why it’s suitable to use in the interior designing of kitchen-countertop stops. It’s best suitable for kitchen because the stone would help in preventing dirt from the kitchen counters.

Prices of Alaska white countertops

The following is the price list according to the grading of the product:
Level Granite of Ist level – 16 to 25 US dollar per Square Meter
Level Granite of second level  – 26 to 45 US dollar per Square Meter
Level Granite  of third level – 46 to 105 US dollar per Square Meter