Alaska White Granite is made of white granite from India. It has striking features with white and black and white nets.

  • Sizes of Alaska white tiles

Alaska white is available in limited sizes in different tile sizes due to its safety of use.
Sizes available in Alaska White Granite Tiles are

  • 60x30x2 cm
  • 60x60x2 cm
  • 610x305x10 mm
  • 305x305x10 mm

You can fit the Alaska white granite tiles anywhere in your home on floors or walls. They would brighten the look of your house with any colour combination.

  • Thickness of Alaska white tiles

Alaska white comes in thickness around 20 mm and 10 mm. So, it’s very suitable to use in every aspect of home decor.

The Alaska white tiles give a very royal look to your home and help in preventing dirt smudges from the floor.

Prices of Alaska white tiles

The following is the price list according to the grading of the product:

1st Level Granite is of 16 to 25 US dollar. / Sq.Mtr
2nd Level Granite is of 26 to 45 US dollar / Sq. Mtr
3rd Level Granite  is of 46 to 105 US dollar / Sq. Mtr

You can go for any level according to your affordability and suitability of the design of your property.