Best Red Granite from India

Red Granite is one of the most salable colors for Kitchen Tops, Flooring, Memorials and Monuments. We have sorted out 7 best red colors for your stockyard and projects. You can sell these granites very fast in your market. The Red Granite from India is durable, beautiful and most sought-after granite. We also work in these granites from India, and we will be more than happy to supply you with these granites.

Here is the list of 7 Best Red Granite

  • New Imperial Red
  • Mungeria Red
  • Red Multicolor
  • Lakha Red
  • Ruby Red
  • Baltic Red
  • Asian Top

New Imperial Red Granite

The New Imperial Red is a beautiful red granite. The Granite has red as the base color with semi colored, black and grey crystals. The Granite is very much used as a Kitchen Tops, flooring and cladding granite. You can sell small slabs, big slabs and 60×30 tiles in the New Imperial Red Granite to your wholesale and retail customer. You can also use it in making tombstones and gravestone. We regularly cut this granite in slabs and tile sizes.

The price range of this granite is also affordable than much other red granite. You can also mix the New Imperial Red with North Indian Granite and marble for your convenience. This is a red granite that moves fast in the market due to very good demand.


Mungeria Red is an orange and red-colored granite from India. The other names are classic red, Bruno red and sometimes African red granite. The Mungeria Red is a cheaper version of the New Imperial Red. If you have a commercial project, where the budget allocated is less, you can suggest your client this granite and buy without any hesitation.

The Quarries are located in the Indian state of Rajasthan and you can mix this granite with North Indian Granite and Marble Colors.


Red Multicolor Granite is a red and black color stone. It has a red background with black veins and a cloudy structure. This is a good choice for kitchen tops and wall cladding. the Red multicolor is a popular choice as a Kitchen all over the world. You can order this beautiful material in slabs and tiles form. This is not much expensive granite and also used in making memorials and monuments.

The material is processed at Bangalore, you can order this granite with Absolute Black Granite, Himalayan Blue, and Paradiso granites.


Lakha Red is a much plain granite. This is a very strong and durable material. You can use the Lakha Red in making Kitchen Countertops, flooring and wall cladding. We can supply you this granite in small slabs and tiles. We also have calibrated tiles available, which you can use in wall cladding and backsplash.

This is a North Indian Granite, you can mix it with Green Marble, Rainforest Marble, Platinum White Granite, and other North Indian Granite and Marble.


Ruby red is a premium version of new Imperial Red. The background of Ruby Red is more reddish than the new imperial. It also has blue flowers in the pattern, which gives the name as Ruby Red. Quarries of this granite are near to Jhansi. The other name of this granite is Jhansi Red Granite.  It also has very fine blue crystals in the pattern. You can buy Ruby Red in small slabs and 60×30 tiles from us. One container can carry up to 450 square meters of Ruby Red tiles or small slabs in the size of 65 cm up x 180 cm up x 1.8 cm, material.

This is also a North Indian Granite Color and you can mix this container with Green Marble, Rainforest Marble, and other North Indian Granite Colors.


Baltic Red is a similar material to Baltic Brown. This granite has a black and brown background with orange to red colored big flowers in the pattern. This is a popular choice for making Kitchen Countertops and flooring. The pattern of this granite is more uniform so it can be used in projects as well.

The Baltic Red can be mixed with a variety of North Indian Colors. Furthermore, you can mix it with Rainforest, Green Marble, White Marble, and other North Indian Granite Colors.


Asian Top is a Brown and Red Granite from India. It has small white crystals in the pattern. This granite is available in plenty and this is not very expensive granite. You can use this beautiful granite in projects, Kitchen Tops and Flooring. This is a popular choice for Kitchen Countertops in India. It has striking similarities with Cats Eye Granite, which is not available now.

The Asian Top is also a north Indian Granite color and you can mix it with different north Indian Granite and Marble. One container of Asian Top can carry up to 450 Square meters of 1.8 cm tiles and slabs for 24 ton.

The Red Granite Colors from India are not much expensive and popular throughout the world. We make all these granite in slab, tiles and kitchen countertop sizes. We can supply you these Red Granites in 2 cm, 3 cm thickness regularly.