7 Best Red Granite from India – The Magnificent Seven

Best Red Granite India

Types of Red Granite from India

Following are the best Red Granites from India

  • New Imperial Red
  • Mungeria Red
  • Red Multicolor
  • Lakha Red
  • Ruby Red
  • Baltic Red
  • Asian Top

New Imperial Red Granite

Check out the New Imperial Red – it’s one gorgeous red granite! This rock has a striking red base color with cool semi-colored, black, and grey crystals, giving it a unique look. It’s not just your average granite; it’s a rock star in the world of Kitchen Tops, flooring, and cladding.

Now, here’s the exciting part for sellers: you can offer your customers small slabs, big slabs, and 60×30 tiles made from New Imperial Red Granite. But that’s not all! It’s not just for kitchens and floors; you can get creative and use it for tombstones and gravestones. We’ve got you covered with regular supplies of slabs and tiles.

Here’s the kicker – the price is right. It won’t break the bank like some other red granite options. Plus, you’re not locked into just this granite. Mix it up with some North Indian Granite and marble for a unique touch that’ll make your customers smile.

And here’s the scoop: this red granite is flying off the shelves because people can’t get enough of it. The demand is through the roof, so you’ll want to get in on this action. Grab some New Imperial Red and watch your sales soar!


Let’s talk about Mungeria Red – it’s an orange and red-hued granite straight from India. You might also hear it called classic red, Bruno red, or sometimes African red granite. What’s cool about Mungeria Red is that it’s like the budget-friendly cousin of New Imperial Red. So, if you’re working on a commercial project with a tight budget, this granite is your go-to.

Picture this: Mungeria Red granite with a flamed finish, gracing the outdoor flooring of your project. It looks absolutely fantastic, and here’s the best part – it’s got a super consistent pattern, making it perfect for large projects. And the price? It won’t break the bank.

We’ve got the tools to cut thick slabs, tiles, and custom sizes from this material with automatic machines. Need cobbles in various shapes and sizes for your expansive flooring projects? We’ve got you covered.

By the way, these quarries are nestled in the beautiful Indian state of Rajasthan. And here’s a little insider tip – you can mix and match Mungeria Red with North Indian Granite and Marble Colors to create some jaw-dropping designs. So go ahead, bring your vision to life with Mungeria Red granite – it’s a game-changer for your projects!


Let’s chat about Red Multicolor Granite – it’s got that stunning combo of red and black. Imagine a red background with cool black veins and a bit of a cloudy pattern. It’s a winner when it comes to kitchen tops and wall cladding, and it’s adored by folks all over the globe.

The best part? You can snag this beautiful stuff in either slab or tile form. And guess what? It won’t break the bank. You’re not limited to just kitchens – it’s also a go-to for memorials and monuments. Plus, you can choose between finishes like flamed or the sleek leather lapaturo finish. Whether you’re working on an indoor or outdoor project, this granite shines. The polish is top-notch.

But that’s not all! It’s not just about kitchens and walls. Red Multicolor Granite plays a role in creating tombstones, gravestones, and other memorial stones. It’s versatile like that.

We whip this material into shape right in Bangalore. And here’s a pro tip – you can mix and match it with Absolute Black Granite, Himalayan Blue, Paradiso, or even Hassan Green. So go ahead, get creative with your projects using Red Multicolor Granite – it’s ready to make your designs pop!


Let’s talk about Lakha Red – it’s straightforward but mighty. This granite is as tough as nails and built to last. Whether you’re dreaming of a beautiful Kitchen Countertop, classy flooring, or eye-catching wall cladding, Lakha Red’s got you covered.

We’ve got it in various forms, from small slabs to tiles. If you’re into precise measurements, we’ve got calibrated tiles that work like a charm for wall cladding and backsplashes. For those big outdoor floors, go for the thick pieces with a flamed finish – they’re perfect.

Now, let’s talk about the color – it’s like a deep, rich blood red. And the pattern? Well, it’s got these fine, subtle flecks that give it a solid red granite appearance.

Oh, and here’s a neat trick – Lakha Red is a North Indian Granite, and you can mix and match it with Green Marble, Rainforest Marble, Platinum White Granite, and a bunch of other North Indian Granite and Marble options. So, get creative and turn your design dreams into reality with Lakha Red Granite!


Hey there, let’s dive into the world of Ruby Red – it’s like the premium big brother of New Imperial Red. The cool thing about Ruby Red is that its background is even redder than New Imperial, and it’s adorned with these stunning blue flowers in the pattern, which is how it got its name.

Guess where we find this gem? Near Jhansi. It’s also known as Jhansi Red Granite, just in case you hear that name floating around. Besides those blue flowers, you’ll spot some super fine blue crystals in the mix.

Now, when you’re ready to get your hands on Ruby Red, we’ve got you covered with small slabs and 60×30 tiles. One container can carry a whopping 450 square meters of these beauties, in the size of 65 cm up x 180 cm up x 1.8 cm.

What can you use it for? Well, it’s perfect for countertops and those special funeral items. Plus, it’s a hit for floors, especially when you lay down those 60×30 and 60×60 cm tiles.

And here’s a little secret – Ruby Red is part of the North Indian Granite family, so it plays well with others. You can mix it up with Green Marble, Rainforest Marble, and a bunch of other North Indian Granite Colors to create some fantastic designs. So, go ahead, get creative with Ruby Red Granite and watch your projects shine!


Let’s talk about Baltic Red – it’s kind of like a cousin to Baltic Brown. This granite comes with a fantastic mix of red and brown in the background, and it’s decked out with these big, bold flowers that range from orange to red in color. People just love using it for Kitchen Countertops and flooring.

The really neat thing about Baltic Red is that its pattern is super even, so it’s perfect for all kinds of projects. It’s a budget-friendly option and being uniform in look, it’s a great pick for larger projects.

But here’s the kicker – you’re not limited to just Baltic Red on its own. You can mix and match it with all sorts of North Indian Colors. And if you want to get extra creative, throw in some Rainforest, Green Marble, White Marble, and other North Indian Granite Colors into the mix. The possibilities are endless, so go ahead, let your design imagination run wild with Baltic Red Granite!


Let’s talk about Asian Top – a stunning Brown and Red Granite all the way from India. In the pattern, you’ll notice these small white crystals that add a touch of elegance. And the best part? It’s not going to break the bank. This granite is pretty easy to get your hands on, and it’s quite budget-friendly.

Now, where can you use this beauty? Well, the options are wide open. Whether you’re working on projects, crafting gorgeous Kitchen Tops, or choosing it for your Flooring, Asian Top has you covered. In fact, it’s a hot favorite for Kitchen Countertops in India.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: it shares quite a resemblance with Cats Eye Granite, which is a bit of a rarity these days.

Oh, and one more thing – Asian Top is part of the North Indian Granite family, so it plays well with others. You can mix and match it with various North Indian Granite and Marble options. And when you’re ready to order, just know that one container can handle up to 450 square meters of 1.8 cm tiles and slabs, weighing in at 24 tons. So, go ahead, let your design dreams come to life with Asian Top Granite!

Indian Red Granite Manufacturer and exporter

At Flodeal, we take immense pride in offering an exquisite range of Red Granite Colors sourced from India. Our granite not only flaunts captivating hues but is also surprisingly affordable, making it a popular choice all around the world.

When it comes to versatility, we’ve got you covered. We craft these magnificent Red Granites in various forms, including slabs, tiles, and the ever-popular kitchen countertop sizes. For your convenience, we regularly supply these Red Granites in 2 cm and 3 cm thickness, ideal for countertops. But that’s not where our options end. We can also provide you with thicknesses of up to 20 cm, perfect for diverse projects ranging from flooring to outdoor paver floors and even those dedicated to funeral monuments. Our granite comes in various sizes and dimensions, including unique shapes like triangles and polygons.

Worried about availability? Don’t be. Our production capacity for each type of Red Granite is robust, with the ability to deliver 2-3 containers per month, ensuring you never face any hiccups in your projects.

But the real magic happens when you start mixing and matching. Our Red Granites are incredibly adaptable and can be seamlessly combined with different types of granite from India, allowing you to create unique, eye-catching designs.

So, whether you’re looking to enhance a residential space or embark on a large-scale commercial project, Flodeal’s Red Granite Colors are here to bring your visions to life. Let us be your trusted partner in the world of premium granite exports.