Is marble better than tiles?

The flooring affects the get up of the whole room. The Aesthetic marble or the Modern tiles, both add richness to your room decor. But still choosing the correct flooring option depends on many other factors along with their appearance.

So, Flodeal provides you with the most important factors you need to keep in mind before laying either marble or tile. This is because the installation process of both is quite hectic, so decide before it’s finally laid.

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Composition and Durability

Marble is a natural metamorphic rock while tiles are made from clay or silicates baked at high temperature. Thus, tiles are more durable and made for weather heavy use. With proper maintenance, marble can stay intact for 25 years, while tiles can maximum last for 10-15 years.


Because marble is a stone with a crystalline structure it is comparatively more porous than tiles. Thus, tiles are used more in the bathroom and kitchen because of their almost non-porous nature with a very low water absorption rate.

Stain Resistance and Maintenance

Tiles are more resistant to stains, while marble tends to get stained easily. Rather, it is better to clean stains from marble immediately to avoid permanent marks. Also, due to its porous nature, acid stains tend to destroy the marble sealant and penetrate the stone. So, clean it immediately with a mild detergent and water. Also, the sealant needs to be resealed every year.

On the other hand, tiles are easier to maintain. A regular wiping or dusting can keep it shining and gleaming for many years. Further, tiles are easier to replace. This is because they are available in various sizes and shapes, so, if required you can only replace the broken piece.


Marble provides a soulful, aesthetic appearance to the room while tiles provide a modern look. But tiles sometimes give an unnatural look compared to marble. Every piece of marble is unique, while tiles mostly come in the same patterns with a myriad of colours.

Marble is available in a variety of forms like a glossy finish, matte, rustic textures and many more. Tiles are available as terra cotta, quarry tiles, glass, and even porcelain.


Tiles are cheaper than marbles. Marble is renowned as the symbol of luxury and appearance, so they are comparatively costlier. While tiles are man-made and come at a lower cost. Thus, tiles are more affordable compared to marbles.

The installation process for marble is also quite time-consuming and more labour-intensive. Also, it is not in a ready to ship condition. Apart from that marble cutting, grinding, laying, and polishing all are quite costly and require more time.
Tiles are in a ready to ship condition and installation is much easier. Since they are already pre-polished there is no finishing required.


So, to conclude, tiles are a better option for both interior and exterior surfaces. Since they are slip-resistant, they are the best for bathroom and kitchen flooring. Marble is the best choice for indoor areas like foyers and bedrooms. Generally, they are not preferred outdoors, since the weather wears away the surface. Overall, tiles are better than marbles.

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