New Design Trends in Marble and Granite – 2018

The year 2018 was very exciting for the Natural Stone Industry. We have seen different types of new granite and marble in the year 2018. Some Granite and Marble have gained popularity in the year and some have lost the charm. At Flodeal Marble and Granite, we have experienced high sales in some of new granites and marbles which are as following :

  • Black Marinace Granite
  • Blue Flower Granite
  • Indo Carrara Marble
  • Indo Statuario Marble
  • Louvre White Marble
  • Marine Black Soapstone
  • Mercury White Marble
  • River Blue Marble
  • Volcano White Marble

Black Marinace Granite

Black Marinace, is a very new and trendy looking granite from India. The background of this granite is dark brown and black with River Cobbles of different colors in the pattern. The Granite Black Marinace is an excellent choice for Kitchen Countertops. Every piece of this granite is different than the other. This is highly recommended granite for Kitchen Tops and Stair Cases.

Blue Flower Granite

The Blue Flower Granite is another great discovery for Indian Granite Industries in 2018. This beautiful Granite is made of feldspar which gives strength and unique pattern to this granite. The base color of this granite is bluish white with brown and black big flower type pattern. You can use this granite in Kitchen Countertops, Flooring and wall cladding.

Indo Carrara Marble

Indo Carrara Marble is an Indian white Marble which is now quarried and exported to all over the world. This white marble is being quarried in India for a long time, but that was for the domestic market need. In 2018, quarries started making big blocks for the International market and the Indian White Marble started selling in the International market as well. White Marble from India have supreme quality and these are more durable than any white marble. You can buy all new Indo Carrara White from India in Slabs, Tiles and Kitchen Countertop sizes.

Indo Statuario Marble

Just like the Indo Carrara Marble, the Indo Statuario marble is being quarried in India for a long time. But it was introduced to the world market in 2018. This marble resembles to famous Statuario marble from Italy, but the price is extremely less of this marble in comparison to the Italian marble. Indo Statuarion marble has earned its own position in the world market by different trade names. You can use this beautiful white marble in flooring, wall cladding, bathroom tiles and Kitchen Countertops. We have a full range of this marble available in slabs, cut to sizes and calibrated tiles.

Louvre White Marble

Lovre White is a marble from the Indian State of Rajasthan. The marble is very much bright in color. The overall color of this marble is white and cream, with dark black color veins. The marble is a new discovery of 2018. You can use this super white marble in Kitchen Tops, Flooring, Wall cladding and bathroom tiles.

We also make super white marble tiles, without any black line. You can use these calibrated high polished tiles in bathroom tiles, backsplash tiles, and flooring tiles.

Marine Black Soapstone

Marine Black Soapstone is a premium quality Soapstone from India. This is a very hard material, which comes in Honed Finishing. We can supply you the Marine Black Soapstone in Slabs and Tiles sizes. You can use the Marine Black Soapstone in making Kitchen Tops, Backsplash tiles, table tops and flooring also.

Mercury White Marble

Mercury White is a premium quality white marble, which was introduced to the world market in 2018. The mercury white is quarried with Mercury Black Marble (which was introduced in 2017). This white marble has a white background with black and brown veins and waves. This marble is a popular choice for Kitchen Countertops in 2018. You can also use this marble in flooring and wall cladding. We make slabs and countertops sizes in this beautiful white marble from India.

River Blue Marble

River Blue Marble or Also known as River Blue Granite is definitely a premium choice for Kitchen Countertops. This is a marble and due to its hard and durable properties, many fabricators put it in the granite category. This marble is one of the best choices for Kitchen Tops in 2018. It has grey-blue background with brown and white colored wavy pattern. You can buy the River Blue Granite in slabs and readymade Kitchen Countertops from us.

Volcano White Marble

Volcano white is a bluish-white marble with thick veins of black and brown color. This marble takes excellent polishing and the color of this marble get brighter after polishing. Earlier this marble was cut in vein cut, but it gets the real popularity after making the crosscut. Volcano White is one of the most durable white marble from India, which was introduced in 2018. You can make Kitchen Tops, Cladding and even flooring with this marble. We sell slabs, tiles, and readymade Kitchen Countertops in Volcano White Marble.

If you are searching for new colors in marble and granite, these colors can please your customers for sure. You can order all the above-mentioned marble and granite in one single container as a trial. The New Marble and Granite from India are one of the most selling and highly profit making granite for any retailer.