Alaska Gold Granite is premium granite from India, having an appealing golden yellow coloration within the historical past with black veins. This premium granite has a hanging mixture of cool and warm golden colorings that offers a rich look to any space. It has been a remarkable desire for making kitchen countertops, lavatories, and stairs. it is most frequently used for floors in the house. 

  • Sizes of Alaska Gold Slabs

The following slabs are available in Alaska gold:

Polished Counter Slabs are available in approximate size of 170 cm width to 320 cm length. It comes in three different levels so you can choose and confirm by getting into contact with the owners.

  • Thickness Alaska Gold Slabs

Alaska white gold is available in around 25 mm in thickness. The thickness provided has proved very convenient in using it in every type of designs.

Prices of Alaska Gold Slabs

Approximate prices of Alaska gold slabs range from $16 to $105 sq mtr according to the level of granites.


Alaska gold looks really good for indoor floorings.

It is smooth to use in different sizes and designs preferably for stairs and kitchen countertops too.