Titanium Gold Granite

Titanium gold granite slabs are very much in trend. Many buyers are looking for the coloration of Titanium gold in the house with the combination of light colours. Check its sizes, thickness, and price availability to take right decision.

Titanium Gold Slabs

Slabs of Titanium Gold Granite comes in different sizes. They have different width and length. Slabs of this Titanium Granite are available in the following details :

  • 65 Width × Length 180 cm to 300 cm
  • 170 Width x Length 280 cm to 320 cm

Thickness of Titanium Gold Slabs

The stone is a famous choice for modern-day Kitchen countertops. Still it is used for many other purposes or the thickness has different levels for the convenience.
Different slabs of titanium-gold come with a thickness of around 10-15cm.

Prices of Titanium Gold Slabs

The price list of the product is from 16 dollar to 125 dollar varying according to grades, patterns, quality, and thickness. You can connect I’m cold with one of the team members and get detailed price list aligning with your requirements.

After going through the whole information, no it’s easy for you to take a decision. You can check the suitability of platinum gold slaps with your home designing needs and let us know.