Try the best selling colorful luxurious granite in 2018

The year 2018 is already 3 months old, we have seen different plain granite such as Absolute Black, Black Galaxy and Tan Brown in these 3 months. Here we discuss some new granites which are colorful and luxurious in this post. These countertops are brand new colors with high durability and beautiful colors and patterns. These are already best selling and gaining popularity by unique patterns and flawless colors.

Blue Dunes Granite

Blue dune is an exotic granite from India. This is very much used in Kitchen. The blue dunes is becoming the favorite choice for making Kitchen countertops in 2018. This is a medium priced granite. The cost of this granite is between 5-7$ / SFT for 3 cm thick slabs. It has light bluish green to yellow background with cloudy and dunes pattern. Kitchen Countertops of Blue dunes looks pretty. You can use this granite in Polished as well as Leathered Finishing. The Leather finished countertops of Blue dunes are ideal for Kitchen Uses. You can use the Azul Celeste or Blue Dunes Granite Kitchen countertops with the white cabinet as well as dark-colored cabinets. This is a granite and a beauty with durability. Since this granite does not have the same pattern such as plain or flower, each countertop looks different than other.

Blue Dunes Kitchen Countertop L Shaped

L shaped Blue Dunes Kitchen Counter

Blue Dunes Kitchen Countertops

Straight Shape Blue Dunes Counter

Blue dune is an exotic granite and generally available in 3 cm slab sizes. The size of a slab is 280 cm to 300 cm in Length and 180 cm to 200 cm in height. These slabs are cut into L shape Kitchen countertops with the center portion of a slab is used for making the center table. In the above picture of 2 types, you can see the L shape as well as the straight shape countertop.

Alaska White Granite

Alaska white is also a premium granite from India. This is one of the most widely used white granite for making kitchen countertops. This is an exotic granite. This granite is quarried in the Indian State of Rajasthan. The price range of Alaska white is medium priced. The cost is not so much but it is also not a cheap granite. The background color of this granite is white and Cream with small black and brown lines and cloudy structure. The small lines are due to the mica presence in the material.

Sizes and Thickness

The Alaska white granite is available in 2 types of sizes

  • Kitchen Counter Slabs Width 65 cm up x Length 240 cm up
  • Big Jumbo Gang Saw Slabs Width 180 cm to 220 cm x Length 280 cm to 320 cm

the variety in slabs size have a big impact on the prices, the smaller slabs are less costlier than the big one. The smaller ones are cut on Verticle cutters, which can cut up to 39 inches in height and 300 cm in Length. Earlier, there was a problem with verticle cutters regarding the thickness, but nowadays these are cut on multiblade cutters having a similar thickness for every slab of the block. If you are looking for less priced Alaska white granite, you can buy premium quality small slabs in 2 and 3 cm thickness. While the big jumbo slabs are cut on big gangsaw machines which cut the higher blocks and you can get slab size of 180 to 220 cm and length 280 to 330 cm. Alaska white granite is a very popular choice for Kitchen Countertops and one single big slabs can be cut into L Shaped counter as well as the center table. Flodeal Inc makes both small and big size slabs.

Alaska White Granite L Shaped Counter

Alaska White Granite L Shaped Countertop

Alaska White Granite Center Table

Alaska White Granite Kitchen Counter Center

In above picture, you can see the L shaped countertops, straight countertops, and the center countertop. You can use the slab of Alaska White Granite in any shape. Also, the picture one shows Alaska White with White cabinet and the Picture two shows Alaska white granite with the dark cabinet. The color of this granite allows you to use it with dark shed and white cabinets.

Azul Nova Granite

Azul Nova is also a new and exotic granite from India. This is a bright and shiny granite. This granite is quarried in the Indian State of Rajasthan. The base of this granite is white and grey with bluish grey thick lines. This is made from feldspar. The Azul Nova is a comparatively new granite, but it has gained enough popularity. This is mainly used in making Kitchen Countertops. This granite can also be used in Kitchen Backsplash and wall cladding. This granite is available generally in 3 cm thickness. This is a very hard granite and takes superb polish. This is a very bright and flawless granite. Each countertop of this granite is unique due to the pattern of blocks. The thick flap of this granite with bends looks amazingly superb in countertops.

Price and Market

Azul Nova is a medium priced granite. This is a popular granite in United States , United Kingdom and Italy. This is also popular in different European countries.



Azul Nova Granite blocks are available in big sizes. The general sizes available in Azul Nova Granite is Length 280 to 320 cm and Width 180 to 210 cm. Generally big sizes are prefered in this granite. Since cutting 110″ in this granite make it easy to make straight countertops. If you are looking for cost saving, you can buy smaller size slabs in this granite. These countertop size slabs are available at much lower prices than the traditional big size slabs. Small slabs can be used in making straight kitchen countertops for big size projects, where you can save a lot of money. If you are going to install more than 100 countertops, it is recommended to buy small slabs or you can also buy readymade kitchen countertops with custom edge profiling.

Uses and Features

These 3 granites are comparatively new granite and gaining tremendous popularity. These granite are very useful for Kitchen Countertops, Backsplash tiles. The pattern of each of granite is unique to traditional granite. The main advantage of these granite are the price, these are lower priced high quality granite. If you are looking to buy any of these granite or need more information, you can write us at our contact form page.


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