The stone industry in India has outgrown even the most renowned of the stones available globally. With a wide experience of trading marbles, sandstones, granites, tiles, etc., you would hardly find a name missing the list. As a result, the native land sits 5th in terms of the world’s leading exporters of high-end Granite.

Amongst many natural stones, Granite is one of the most popular choices. To this date, the only stone that stands uniform to the demand and supply is Granite.

Apart from flaunting popularity, the Granite comes in different colors, sizes, types, and uses. With color and kind being a major concern, it can be confusing to pick one from the lots.

pros black granite

Why choose Indian Black Granite?

Black defines power and classic touch to any surface. Indian Black Granite has been used for ages to give a new look and feel to interiors. Commonly used in Kitchen, flooring, Bathrooms, Walls, Stairs, etc., Indian Black Granite is one of the kind to flaunt your space.

A few of the major reasons why one should buy Black Granite from India are:

1. Visual Appeal: When laid on the surface, the black color of the Granite looks shiny and rich. If used in contrast to light colors, the dark slabs add a rich look and vibe to the house.

2. Strength: In comparison to the other natural stones, the Indian Black Granite stays thick in density. As a result, it lasts long and remains untouched by cracks.

3. Resistance: Being strong and powerful, these stones do not fall prey to heat and water.

4. Less maintenance: The rich black color of the Granite needs less cleaning as it conceals even the stubbornest of the stains and holes.


With so many benefits, the Indian black Granite stands aloof in terms of availability too. For that matter, even an uneducated ear wouldn’t second the thought of buying black granites from India.