Bidasar Marble

Bidasar marble is a collection of marble which is originated in Bidasar of Churu District in Rajasthan. The bidasar is a Tehsil and located near Sujangarh Block. Bidasar is famous for its Rainforest Marble. There are many quarries of Rainforest Marble in villages of Bidasar Tehsil. There is a big quarrying area in Bidasar, which is located in the middle of the barren land.

The Bidasar Marble is used for wall cladding, Countertops Kuzhina, Vazo, flowerpots and flooring as well. All such marble are brittle materials and we use net or fiber to hold the material. This is one of the most difficult materials found in the earth.

Bidasar marble is a medium priced marble and due to use in making Kitchen Countertops, this is also known as Rainforest Granite. But this is a serpentine stone. Ne bëjmë pllakave, pllaka, and prefabricated Kitchen Countertops and worktops in this beautiful marble.

We have following types of marble available from Bidasar with us.

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