It is our pleasure to have you here at Flodeal. We are manufacturer and exporter of Granite, Marble, Sandstone and Slate Stone Slabs, Tiles and other cut size materials. We are a veteran owned and operated company fully bonded and insured. Research, innovation, new technology and premium quality are incorporated in all phases of production. Our goal is to provide experienced importers of natural stones in different countries with a superior stone product and the most professional services the dimensional stone industry has to offer. We work every day to apply our know-how in ways that benefit our clients and partners globally. We are client and market focused. We deal in wholesale and most of our customers are B2B.

Flodeal has continued its effort to evolve in this ever changing market, which has allowed us to position ourselves at the forefront of the natural stone industry, setting the highest standards. Our superior quality, unmatched commitment and dependability are the structure of our company. This provides us the opportunity to establish an excellent relationship with our clients all over the world.


To be the most sought after company manufacturing and exporting natural stones with 100% customer satisfaction to all our clients globally.


We promise we will never leave until you are 100% satisfied with what we do. This is how we see things when you entrust us with your work.


  • Experience – We have years of combined experience in the natural stone;
  • Warranty – We are certified fabricators of quality stones;
  • Commitment – We will deliver on time, every time, based on your scheduled appointment;
  • Quality – We are proud of every job we do. We deliver top quality workmanship every time, unmatched by any. That is a guarantee. We will never leave a job unfinished or a customer unsatisfied;
  • Uniformity – Consistency in quality;
  • Excellence in customer service – Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

The USP are as following:

  • Direct Factory owner;
  • Quality Control at highest level;
  • Fast Delivery of material;
  • Premium Class Packaging.

Flodeal is able to procure various natural stone from around the world and are able to offer fit-for-purpose-products to our global importers which can be used for commercial, multi-residential, health, hospitality, industrial design and much more.

With professionalism and new technologies, Flodeal continually deliver quality natural stones to our global importers to help our clients achieve their goals within budget, whilst providing quality products complying with industry standards.

Flodeal is a direct manufacturer and exporter of the best natural stone tiles. We produce, export, and distribute the highest quality of natural stone: Granite, Marble, Sandstone and Slate stone slabs, Tiles and other cut size materials for importer globally.

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