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FLODEAL unlocks the potential of Indian granite and marble for the global market. As your direct source, we offer an exclusive selection of high-quality stones, directly from our quarries in India to your doorstep. We are not just suppliers; we are manufacturer, enabling us to provide unique stone varieties, tailored solutions, and cost-effective options for wholesalers and project managers worldwide.


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    It is our pleasure to have you here at Flodeal. We are a manufacturer and exporter of Indian Granite, Marble, Sandstone, and Slate Stone Slabs, Tiles, and other cut-size materials. We are a veteran-owned and operated company fully bonded and insured. Research, innovation, new technology, and premium quality are incorporated in all phases of production. Our goal is to provide experienced importers of natural stones in different countries with superior stone products and the most professional services the dimensional stone industry has to offer. We work every day to apply our know-how in ways that benefit our clients and partners globally. Flodeal is client and market-focused. Our business specializes in wholesale, and the majority of our customers operate on a back-to-back basis.

    Flodeal has continued its effort to evolve in this ever-changing market, which has allowed us to position ourselves at the forefront of the natural stone industry, setting the highest standards. Our superior quality, unmatched commitment, and dependability are the pillars of our company. This provides us the opportunity to establish an excellent relationship with our clients all over the world.

    Natural Stone Countertops !


    Elevate your space with the timeless beauty of natural stone countertops. Crafted by nature over millennia, each slab is a unique masterpiece, showcasing intricate patterns and rich, earthy hues that effortlessly transform kitchens and bathrooms into luxurious sanctuaries. Experience the touch of ancient elegance under your fingertips while relishing the durability that only nature’s artistry can provide. From the mesmerizing veins of marble to the rugged charm of granite and the subtle allure of quartzite, our exquisite collection promises durability, sophistication, and an everlasting connection to the Earth’s splendor. Enrich your home with the enduring magnificence of natural stone.

    Natural Stone Monuments !

    Monuments & Vases

    Natural stone monuments stand as enduring tributes to history, culture, and human achievement. Carved by skilled artisans and shaped by the forces of time, these majestic structures evoke awe and reverence, bridging the past and present. From the enigmatic allure of ancient megaliths to the intricate detailing of sculpted memorials, each stone tells a tale of civilizations and events that have shaped our world. Weathered by centuries, yet unyielding, they symbolize strength and permanence, inspiring contemplation and introspection. Natural stone monuments are more than sculptures; they’re immortal guardians of our heritage, connecting generations and honoring the spirit of human endeavor.

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    Indian Granite Suppliers & Exporters

    As a leading manufacturer and exporter of Granite from India, Flodeal Inc supplies following products in Granite Category:-

    • Gangsaw Slabs
    • Cutter Size Slabs
    • Tiles 60×30 in 2 cm and 3 cm
    • Non-Calibrated Tiles 610x305x10 mm
    • Calibrated Tiles 610x305x10 mm
    • Granite Steps & Risers
    • Granite Monuments & Memorials
    • Countertops & Benchtops

    Indian Marble Suppliers & Exporters

    Flodeal makes and exports premium quality marble from India, we are supplying the following products in marble:-

    • Gangsaw Slabs
    • Mini Gangsaw Slabs
    • Tiles 60×30, 60×40, 60×60 cm
    • Non Calibrated 24″x12″x 1 cm
    • Calibrated 24″x12″x 1 c
    • Steps & Risers
    • Flooring
    • Ready-made countertops

    “Flodeal excels in crafting premium Indian Granites and Marbles, employing state-of-the-art machinery for superior materials at an accelerated pace, empowering you to lead your projects to success. Our cutting-edge facilities position us as the ultimate partner for every project facet, covering quarries, precision cutting, and Italian machine polishing, ensuring you receive perfection every step of the way.”

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