granite tiles for bathroom

Granite tiles are one of the most premium and popular choices for making high-quality Bathrooms. You can use granite in 12×12 or 12×24 tiles sizes to make your bathroom exotic, beautiful and durable. Granite tiles are strong, long-lasting and give your bathroom an aesthetic look. It also increases the value of your property. You can import granite tiles directly for your home from us. You can buy tiles in the size of 12×12, 24×12 or any other custom size with a thickness of1 and 1.2 cm. If you are planning for granite floors, you can buy in a thickness of 2 and 3 cm also.

Here are the best granite tiles for bathroom


If you are using a dark theme for your bathroom or dark and light modern theme, this is one of the best colors for the bathroom. You can make a high-quality premium looking modern bathroom by using Absolute Black Granite bathroom tiles. The similar pattern of this granite gives your bathroom a calm feeling.


Black Galaxy is also a dark-colored granite for the bathroom. This is a very dark color granite, with silver and gold-colored flecks. These flecks shine even in the low light area. This is like a galaxy in your high-end bathroom. Tiles of Black Galaxy Granite are available for flooring and wall cladding.


If you are looking for a brown color with a warm look, this is one of the best choices. Tiles of Desert brown granite look perfect with bathroom tops of white color. You can also use Desert Green Granite for the combination of two sheds. The desert Green is not very much green and near to grey color with a similar pattern as Desert Brown. The combination of both granites looks awesome.


This granite is very much used in bathroom flooring domestically in India. The color and texture of this granite allow it to be used as flooring and walls of the bathroom. This is dark green granite with white flecks. It got another name Verde Star due to the pattern of this granite. You can use Hassan Gren Granite extensively in bathroom tiles. This is homogenous and dark in color.


Rajasthan Black is a comparatively new granite for the foreign market. This dark granite can enhance the beauty of your bathroom. You can also use this beautiful black granite in leather finishing for walls and polished finishing for the flooring. This looks beautiful in honed finishing as well. There are many finishing available in this granite for the use in bathroom countertops, walls, and flooring.


This is one of the preferred choices for walls of the bathroom and flooring. This bright white granite enhances the beauty of any modern bathroom with aesthetic texture. You can use tiles of 24×12 or 12×12 inches for the bathroom tiles. You can also buy Kashmir White granite with flamed, polished and leather finishing for the bathroom tiles.


If you are looking for a white granite with a more similar pattern, the moon white is perhaps one of the better choices. This is a homogenous granite. Moon White has grey, white background with darker color crystals and pattern. It also has chocolate garnets similar to the Kashmir White. you can buy tiles and slabs of Moon White granite for flooring and walls for your bathroom.


River White is another beautiful white granite that has earned a reputation for being one of the most popular Indian Granite for bathroom tiles and countertops. This is consistent and very bright white granite. The tiles of this granite are available in calibrated and non calibrated finishing for making high-quality bathrooms. The tiles are available in 60×30, 24×12, 30×30, 12×12 sizes for different markets and needs. You can also place an order for tiles in customize sizes.


Crystal Yellow is a beautiful yellow granite from north India, which you can use it in making a bright colored bathroom. The tiles are beautiful and homogenous in patterns and colors. The tiles are in the size of 60x30x1.8 cm, you can use this size in flooring and wall tiles also. We can make sizes in 1 cm and 2 cm as well.


A bright red granite is a perfect choice for a modern bathroom. If you like the red color, you can use tiles of New Imperial red granite for your bathroom flooring, walls, and tops. we can make calibrated and non-calibrated tiles in this granite. The bathroom tiles are available in 40×40, 30×30 and 60×30 sizes. the thickness available is 1 cm, 1.8 cm, and 2 cm.