7 Affordable Indian Granite Slabs and Tiles

Granite is counted as an expensive natural stone. The average price of Granite Slabs is around 5$ to 10$ per Square Feet in the wholesale market. While the retail prices may be as high as 20 to 50$ per square feet. At flodeal, we produce different types of granite and marble from India, there are few granites which are affordable in the prices but very high in quality. We would like to show you different types of cheap granite slabs and tiles here.


Rajasthan Black is the cheapest Black Granite available in India. This granite has a dark black background with brown-black flowers. Sometimes it contents blue dots as well. The average FOB prices of Rajasthan Black Granite are as following :

  • 65 cm up x 180 cm up Slabs 1.8 cm – 21$ / SQM
  • Tiles 60x30x1.8 cm – 15$ / SQM

You can use this granite in Kitchen Tops and flooring. After polishing, this granite looks very premium, and from a distance, it looks like dark black granite.


Rosy pink is not only the most affordable pink granite but also the lowest priced granite in India. This granite is a very strong and uniform material. The processing cost of this granite is very low, so the overall price. You can import this granite in slabs and tiles form, both are very cheap to buy. At the moment, the average export FOB price for Rosy Pink Granite is as follows :

  • 65 cm up x 180 cm up Slabs 1.8 cm – 14.5$ / SQM
  • Tiles 60x30x1.8 cm – 13.5$ / SQM

You can import Rosy PInk granite in Steps, Risers, Tiles of 60×60 and 60×120 as well.


Platinum White is a bright white colored granite with black flowers from India. This granite is the lowest priced white granite from India. This is a strong and consistent material. This is more uniform patterned white granite than other white granite available in India. It does not need any kind of sealing or treatment. Platinum white is an ideal choice for Kitchen Tops and large area flooring. Following are average FOB prices for this beautiful white granite

  • 65 cm up x 180 cm up Slabs 1.8 cm – 17.5$ / SQM
  • Tiles 60x30x1.8 cm – 14$ / SQM

Since it is more uniform material, you can use tiles of 60×60 or 60×30 in large area flooring. The steps and risers are also very cheap in Platinum White granite.


The Chima Pink is the more premium version of Rosy Pink. This granite has a lighter shed base than the rosy pink. It is also one of the lowest priced premium quality granite from India. If you are looking for more lighter shed pink granite in a budget, this is the best solution for you. Following are average FOB prices for this pink granite

  • 65 cm up x 180 cm up Slabs 1.8 cm – 16$ / SQM
  • Tiles 60x30x1.8 cm – 15.5$ / SQM

This is a uniform pattern granite, you can import tiles of 60×30 and 60×60 for your requirements. We also export step, riser and skirting in Chima Pink granite.


Tiger Skin is a brown base granite with tiger skin type pattern in lighter sheds. The pattern looks like the skin of a tiger with light brown and black waves. This granite is in high demand due to the pattern and prices. Tiger Skin is mostly used as Kitchen Countertops and flooring. You can import this granite for a unique pattern in Kitchen Tops. However, this is more uniform than other materials which have waves. Following is average prices FOB Indian ports :

  • 65 cm up x 180 cm up Slabs 1.8 cm – 19$ / SQM
  • Tiles 60x30x1.8 cm – 16$ / SQM

Tiger Skin Granite is mostly used as Kitchen tops, however, this is also a popular choice for flooring and stairs. You can Import 60×30, 60×60 and step risers in Skin Sking Granite.


Sadarli grey or also called as Sadarli White is one of the cheapest granite available in India. The material is extensively used in Kitchen Tops, Flooring and pavements. The color of this granite is grey and white. This granite is a South Indian Granite and cheapest South Indian material available. You can import this uniform granite with Absolute Black, Red Multicolor, Hassan Green and Paradiso Granites. Following is the average price for Sadarli Granite

  • 65 cm up x 180 cm up Slabs 1.8 cm – 16.5$ / SQM
  • Tiles 60x30x1.8 cm – 14$ / SQM

Sadarli Grey Granite is used in the domestic market as well. There is always a huge demand for slabs, tiles, and pavement in this granite.


Mungeria Red is a North Indian Granite color from Jalor, Rajasthan. This is quarried with the Royal Cream granite. The Mungeria Red is the cheapest Red Granite available in the market. This is an ideal replacement for New Imperial Red Granite if you are looking for a cheaper version. The color of Mungeria Red is between red and orange. This granite is available in big slabs, small slabs, steps, risers, and tiles. Following are average prices for Mungeria Red Granite

  • 65 cm up x 180 cm up Slabs 1.8 cm – 22$ / SQM
  • Tiles 60x30x1.8 cm – 16.5$ / SQM

The mungeria red is a consistent and uniform material, you can use this granite for flooring and Kitchen Countertops for your clients.

All above granite ( except Sadarali Granite ) can be Imported in one single container. One container can carry up to 450 Square Meter of granite in 2 cm thickness. We also make Calibrated Tiled in all above materials, which are much cheaper than other calibrated tiles.