Basic types of Tiles

Tiles generally are thin flat objects made up of fired clay, stone or concrete. They are generally available in two shapes: square and rectangle, other shapes are also possible. They are used for flooring, in the walls or for other interior designing purposes.
The most attractive feature of tiles that make them so popular are: – they do not require any additional professional maintenance, have a longer life span, long-lasting beauty, durability, do not absorb water and many more.

So, let’s see the top 5 basic types of tiles:

Ceramic Tiles

It is the most common type of tile in the market. And it is because of its durability, very easy maintenance, resistance to scratches and easy installation. It is mostly used for bathroom or kitchen and entryways. Further, it comes in a variety of colours, designs and textures.
While buying ensure whether it is glazed or unglazed. Rather the glazed one is better because along with the artistic finish it provides more protection and longer durability

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have a very subtle difference from ceramic tiles. They are made from natural clay and heated at much higher temperatures. Porcelain Tiles are much sturdy, resistant to damage and negligible porosity.
Unlike other types, Porcelain types are the best to be used outdoors, because of its better resistance to extreme temperatures. Porcelain tiles are even the best suggested by architects. Other interior applications are the bathroom, kitchen, kitchen backsplashes and many more. Always remember to use an adhesive while laying the tiles.

Mosaic Tiles

This is the most popular choice for bathroom and kitchen tiles, because of its decorative nature. These are small square tiles put together to give a larger visual effect. These are comparatively smaller tiles with 2 * 2 dimensions. Mosaic Tiles are generally made up of stone, glass or ceramic. Always remember while using this type is that they are cut properly.

Marble Tiles

Although this is bit a costly, it adds richness and elegance to your room. Not only that, but it also needs good maintenance to keep it looking pristine. It is available in different amazing textures and depth. Their absorbent nature also makes them prone to scratches and stains thus making them completely rejected for outdoors. There are several finishing options like polished, brushed, honed tumbled etc.

Glass Tiles

This is the best alternative to natural stone because of its stain resistance nature. Any acidic food can be easily wiped off without leaving any permanent stains. They are available in small sizes and thus give a minimalistic look to your space. It is mostly used around fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes and tabletops. A small drawback is that it can easily be chipped on the edges, so it needs to be handled carefully.

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