• black pearl granite kitchen countertop

Black Galaxy Granite Kitchen countertops are essential for any modern Kitchen. Island table and Kitchen countertops made of this granite look fabulous. This is a very hard granite and takes excellent polishing. The Black Galaxy Granite is a popular choice for making modern and premium quality countertops, Kitchen Table, and island table. Generally, it is used in the polishing finish.

The beautiful dark granite with copper and silver flecks makes the modern Kitchen more glittering and shiny. Countertops of this granite are made from big slabs. This is a more plain granite. It does not have much variation, if you are looking for a solid pattern, this is one of the best choices available in the market. The aesthetic looks of galaxy granite is suitable for any type of cabinet. It can adjust with different color cabinet.

In the above picture, we used this granite Island top and Kitchen worktop with Alaska White Granite backsplash. The cabinets are of wood. You can see the glittering beauty of this granite with the combination of different types of materials. The material has its own strong impact. You can make any type of backsplash combination with this countertop. The color of this granite is natural dark. It does not require any kind of color or epoxy to make it darker.

This Kitchen has a Black Galaxy Granite Kitchen Island table and countertops with a white color cabinet. The white color cabinet are looking more bright and the tops are looking darker due to the combination. It gives a satisfying and minimalistic look to your Kitchen. You can also use cream, off the white, or beige color for making the cabinet. the backsplash of this kitchen has River Blue Slab to support the wall.


  • Less Maintenance
  • Fit with most of the color of Cabinet
  • Bold design with depth
  • Less Cleaning
  • Heat resistance
  • Fireproof


  • Fingerprint and Dust
  • Glittering appearance

If you are looking for a little less expensive premium quality Black Granite for your kitchen countertop, and if you like the glittering appearance than black galaxy granite kitchen countertop is best for you. You can buy this beautiful granite from any of the local retailers. If you are a wholesaler, you can contact us for your requirement by emailing us.