Black Galaxy Granite Tiles: A Comprehensive Guide to Sizes, Uses, and Quality Levels

Black Galaxy Granite Tiles

Black Galaxy granite tiles are renowned for their stunning appearance and versatility in various applications. Flodeal Private Limited, a trusted source from India, offers a range of sizes and quality levels to cater to diverse customer needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the different sizes, uses, quality options, and the advantages and disadvantages of these exquisite tiles.

Sizes and Uses:

610x305x10 mm – Glossy/Matte Calibrated Tiles :These tiles are ideal for wall cladding and backsplash applications. The calibrated thickness ensures a uniform surface for a sleek finish.

610x305x10 mm – Glossy/Matte Non-Calibrated Tiles: Similar to the calibrated tiles, these can be used for wall cladding and backsplashes. However, they have a slight variation in thickness, making them suitable for flooring as well.

600x300x18 mm – Glossy Tiles: These tiles, with a 2 mm variation in thickness, are excellent choices for both floors and walls. Their glossy finish adds a touch of elegance to any space.

600x600x18 mm – Glossy Tiles: With the same thickness variation as the 600×300 tiles, these larger tiles provide a seamless and sophisticated look, making them perfect for spacious areas.

600x400x18 mm – Glossy Tiles: These tiles offer the same advantages as the 600×600 and 600×300 variants but come in a different size, giving you more design options.

Steps Free Length x 33/35 x 2/3 cm: Specifically designed for staircases, these tiles can have or lack bullnose/edge polishing, depending on your preference.

Risers Free Length x 15/17 x 2 cm: Ideal for stair risers, these tiles maintain uniformity in your staircase design.

Skirting Free Length x 10/15 x 2 cm: These tiles are perfect for creating a seamless transition from the floor to the wall, enhancing the aesthetics of your interior spaces.

Quality Levels:

Black Galaxy granite tiles from Flodeal Private Limited are available in three quality levels:

Extra Premium: These tiles exhibit the highest quality, with minimal flaws and exceptional shine. They are perfect for high-end projects where excellence is paramount.

Premium: Premium quality tiles offer an excellent balance between quality and affordability. They maintain an impressive appearance while being more budget-friendly.

Standard: Standard quality tiles are a cost-effective choice for projects with budget constraints. They may have minor imperfections but still provide the stunning beauty of Black Galaxy granite.


  • Timeless Beauty: Black Galaxy granite tiles add a touch of luxury and elegance to any space.
  • Durability: They are highly durable and can withstand wear and tear in both residential and commercial settings.
  • Low Maintenance: These tiles require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications, including flooring, walls, stairs, and more.


  • Price Range: The cost may vary based on quality, which may not fit every budget.
  • Weight: Being heavy, installation may require additional support and labor.
  • Variability: Natural variations in pattern and color may occur, which can be a disadvantage for those seeking uniformity.

Black Galaxy granite tiles in various sizes and quality levels offer a world of design possibilities. Flodeal Private Limited, your trusted source from India, provides you with options to suit your project’s needs, whether you seek extra premium, premium, or standard quality. Enjoy the timeless beauty, durability, and versatility of Black Galaxy granite tiles in your spaces, enhancing their aesthetics for years to come.