Cost of a Granite Slab – Impact of Different Factors on The Price

Granite Slab Cost

Granite is a popular dimensional stone. Contractor, Fabricators, and Builders use granite as a building material.

The cost of Granite Slab depends on the Thickness, Size, Finishing, Quality, Availability, and Popularity. One Jumbo Slab of Granite is around 60 Square Feet or 6 Meter (approximately). If the price of Granite is 6$ a Feet, then the price for the slabs shall be 360$.

The unit for the granite price is either Square Feet or Square Meter.

The United States and India use Square Feet Unit and the rest of the countries uses Square Meter unit to calculate the price of Granite.

Following factors have an impact on the price of the granite slab:


  • There are many granites which are available in plenty. Granites such as Rosy Pink Granite, Platinum White Granite are examples of the highly available granite.
  • The cost of a slab of these materials is roughly 2.5$ to 2.75$ per Square Feet or 150 to 175$ per Slab.
  • The availability of these granites is very high and you can get fresh material at such a price.


  • There are many granites, which do not have any issue of Availability, yet the prices are very high. Rajasthan Black Granite and Chima Pink Granite are examples of such materials.
  • The cost of a slab of Chima Pink Granite is roughly 2.7$ to 2.9$ per Square Feet or 160 to 180$ per Slab. This is higher than almost similar Rosy Pink Granite.
  • The higher price of this granite is due to more popularity than the Rosy Pink Granite. The difference in popularity changes the difference between demand and supply. This cost us more money to buy.


  • The Quality of material has a big impact on the price of Granite Slab, this difference is most visible in Absolute Black Granite and Black Galaxy Granite.
  • Premium Quality Black Galaxy Granite has a price of around 6$ per square feet for 2 cm thickness. It comes as 360$ for a slab of good quality Galaxy Granite in 2 cm thickness Jumbo Slab.
  • The commercial quality Galaxy has a price of around 3.85~4.15$ per square feet for 2 cm thickness. You need to pay 250$ for a slab of commercial quality galaxy granite.
  • There is a difference of 100$ per slab in a commercial quality slab and a premium quality slab of Black Galaxy Granite.
  • The same price difference also comes in material such as Absolute Black, Tan Brown, etc.


  • If you are buying 3 cm thick material, the price of the material will be higher around 30 to 40% than the 2 cm thick granite slab.
  • If you are buying good quality Galaxy Granite and let’s say the price is 6$ for 2 cm thick slabs. Then the price of 3 cm slab shall be around 7.75$ to 8.15$ per square feet or 470~490$ per slab.
  • This is the difference due to high recover loss in thicker material. If I get 60 slabs of 2 cm from a block, then I will get around 40 to 45 slabs in 3 cm thickness.
  • Also, there will be an increase in transportation cost etc. It will add to the price of material and the slab will be expensive.


Granite slabs come in different sizes.

There are 3 major types of sizes in Granite.

  • Small Slabs 65 to 90 cm x 180 to 300 cm
  • Medium Slabs 120 cm to 120 cm x 240 cm to 320 cm
  • Jumbo Slabs 180 to 210 cm x 280 to 340 cm

The longer the slab, the higher the price.

Small slabs of 2 cm thick Extra Choice Galaxy is around 3$ per square feet.

One small slab has an area of 20 square feet approximately.

So the slabs price will be around 60$ per small slabs.

Jumbo slabs of 2 cm thick Extra Galaxy Granite is around 6$ feet. and the slab area is 60 Feet. So the price will be around 360$ per slab

Which is almost double if we go by square feet calculations. The price of big slabs is almost double in many materials.


Finishing also has an Impact on the price of Granite. There are different types of finishing available in the market these days such as Polished, Honed, Flamed, Leather, River etc.

Generally, the price of Polished, Honed and Flamed is similar and other finishing such as Leather, River, Bush Hammered, Sandblast, Shotblast are expensive.

This is due to the high production cost of different finishing. In difficult finishing, materials can also break so it adds up to the cost of slabs.

Now, you can easily understand that why there is a difference in the price of granite slabs in different conditions.

The cost of a granite slab mentioned above is just indicative, for price list you can contact us on our email with your full requirements.

Cost of a Granite Slab for Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are generally 65-70 cm in width and 180 to 300 cm in the length. You can buy small slabs in 2 cm and 3 cm to fulfill your requirement for Kitchen tops. the width is enough to cut a sink out of the slab. Also the length is enough to cover the length of the kitchen. You can buy slab and customize it for your countertop purpose.

If you are from united states, as the the sizes are from 5-6 feet width x 9-10 feet long. We sell Gangsaw size slabs for making such dimensions.

Cost of a Granite Slab for Grave

If you are looking a granite slabs for the Gravestone purpose, the cost depends on Slab size, Slabs thickness, Color and polishing side. Most popular color for gravestone is Absolute Black Granite, which has 4 verities available. We make the gravestone slab in all side polishing with different thickness.

You can get the price list of Granite slabs by contacting us on our email .