Creating a new look and setting for your kitchen with granite

Granite is one of the best choices for kitchen countertops because of its rich beauty and durability. Thus, Granite gives a different elegance and a completely gorgeous aesthetic look to your kitchen. Further, it also conveys luxury. With every unique slab and one of the naturally hardest stones, it also stands out marble. According to the latest statistics, it is the most demanding countertop of the year.

Now, let’s take a brief look at the features that makes granite, a natural product with timeless aura and beauty. Granite worktops help to create a new look and setting for your kitchen.

  • Kitchen means hot cookware, and in hurry, we may place it on the countertop. So, granite is heat resistant and is not susceptible to scratches, making it the perfect kitchen worktop material.
  • Not only that, it is one of the hardest stones, so it is long-lasting
  • Further, in the kitchen, it’s obvious, that food or any ingredient may fall over. In most cases, granite is highly resistant to stains. It also doesn’t allow liquids to permeate into the surface as it has a coating of a protective sealant.*
  • After each meal, wipe off the stains from kitchen countertops with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser. It is the only maintenance required. Thus, is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Don’t worry, it may be a luxurious product, but granite is available in all ranges. And if affordable and also a long-term investment.

*Always remember to install the granite countertop in your kitchen from a professional installer. As he will be able to seal it properly so that the sealant is perfect making it non-porous.

Every single slab of granite is unique in its way: with a different texture or color or gradient.

Its classic look will follow the trend for years to come. Each variety of granite has its charm and beauty. From dark galaxy black to platinum white, stunning blue pearl to rich Alaska gold it comes in a wide range of colors. And it doesn’t end here; you can choose the edge profile according to your convenience. Our company provides several edge profiles like eased, bull-nose, round top and bottom, and many more. So, choose your granite countertop that blends perfectly with your kitchen walls, cabinet and flooring.

Kitchen Countertop
Kitchen Countertops


Further, the most interesting fact about granite is that any small scratch on the
countertop is generally covered with a colour matching epoxy. But, a small drawback
is that once every 5 to 6 years it needs to re-sealed. So, it is always advisable to
choose granite countertops over marble.

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