Different Qualities of Black Galaxy Granite

Different Qualities Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy Granite is a beautiful dark granite from India. Being a natural stone, it comes in several variations. The variations in color and pattern decide the quality of the material. Following are the qualities available in Black Galaxy Granite:-

Commercial Quality Black Galaxy

As the name suggests, the commercial-quality black galaxy granite is for commercial uses. This type of galaxy you can use in making flooring, low-quality kitchen countertops, staircases, and large area wall cladding. This is the cheapest priced galaxy granite available in the market. The material will have the following impurities:-

  • White Lines
  • Black Lines
  • Unevenly distributed Galaxy Pattern

Sometime, you will get some fissures in the material as well as small sizes in Gangsaw slabs.

Commercial Quality Black Galaxy Granite

Standard Quality Black Galaxy Granite

The standard quality Black Galaxy Granite is the most popular quality in this material. This type of granite is used for making kitchen countertops, flooring, step risers, tiles, etc. This is very good for large area flooring, wall cladding, and other uses. Different quarries galaxy produces this material mostly. The availability of this type is no issue. The standard quality will have the following impurities:-

  • Visible Black Line (1 or 2)
  • Unevenly distributed Galaxy Pattern


You can avoid the black lines during the fabrication. This will make the material high standard quality. There is no issue of sizes in this type. You can get big sizes as well as small sizes.

Semi Premium Quality

Semi Premium is also a popular choice for homeowners and project in charges for making high-quality Kitchen Countertops and flooring. You can use this granite in multiple uses. Most of the importers in different countries prefer the semi-premium quality for projects. This is the second most available galaxy granite quality. It has following impurities

  • Invisible Black Lines
  • Sometimes, unevenly distributed pattern
Black Galaxy Semi Premium

Here invisible black lines mean the line is visible from the back of the slab. Polish can merge the line within the pattern of the material.

Galaxy Extra Premium

Premium Quality & Extra Premium Quality

The premium quality and extra quality are popular choices for luxury projects. This is an expensive granite, mostly used for high-end Kitchen Countertops. It is difficult to judge the quality of premium quality and extra premium quality. There is a little difference, but still, the difference makes both qualities different. It does not have any impurity. The quality difference is just due to the size of the galaxy and the pattern. Premium quality has variation in the galaxy pattern with some time small sizes, however in the extra premium quality Black Galaxy Granite, it has a uniform pattern with big size galaxy. The big size copper flecks are called popcorn galaxy. The copper flecks appear like popping out from the dark background.