Granite Slabs – Types Sizes and Colors

Granite Slabs

Granite slab is a thick piece of stone, which a manufacturer obtains from cutting a large size block into thick sheets of 1.8 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm thickness. After cutting pieces, it is easy to make countertops, tiles or any other dimension as per the use.

Different types of machines cut a single block into different numbers of sheets depending on the size of a block.

Single Disc cutter machines, Multiple Disc Cutter machines, multi-blades Gang Saw machines and multi-wire, wire saw machines cut the large size blocks into pieces of different thickness.

These machines cut the blocks into large pieces of 1.8 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm thick sheets. As the blocks are not exactly the same height-width length, the sizes of sheets are random. In the dimensional stone terminology, we call these sheets as Random Slabs of granite or marble.

Size of a Granite Slab

Granite slabs are cut on different types of machines. The machine and block size decide which size you are going to get. The size of the granite slab depends on the size of the block and machinery used. We have 3 types of slabs available in granite:

Gangsaw Size Slab

gangsw slab

A Gangsaw size granite slab is cut on Multiblade Gang Saw machine and multiwire wire saw machines. These machines cut Lenght 280 cm to 340 cm x Height 160 cm to 220 cm. The most popular thickness of these huge slabs is 2 cm and 3 cm.

Big Cutter Slabs

medium size


Big Cutter slabs are cut on the multiblade big cutter. It can cut slabs in the Height up to 130 cm x Length 220 cm to 330 cm. This type of slabs is available less in the market since the costing is near to the Gangsaw size slab. the popular thickness is 1.8 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm.

Small Cutter Slabs

small slab

Small cutter slabs are the most common and popular size of slabs. This type of granite slabs is very good for making kitchen countertops. Fabricators have little recovery loss in using this type of slabs. A small verticle multi-blade machine cuts the block in slabs. These machines cut a slab into a height of 65 cm to 100 cm x Length 180 cm to 330 cm. The popular thickness of this type is 1.6 cm, 1.8 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm.

Popular Sizes of Granite Slab

Following are the most common and popular size of Granite slabs:

  • 40 cm to 90 cm x 90 cm to 120 cm
  • 40 cm to 90 cm x 120 cm to 180 cm
  • 65 cm to 90 cm x 180 cm to 330 cm
  • 120 cm to 125 cm x 220 cm to 330 cm
  • 160 cm to 210 cm x 280 cm to 340 cm

Uses of Granite Slab

Granite slabs are used for making the following dimensions :

  • Countertops
  • Tiles
  • Worktops
  • Flooring
  • Staircases
  • Skirting
  • Monuments

Granite slabs are made as per the block size. The sizes have different markets. In some markets, big slabs are popular and in some markets smaller slabs are popular. The bigger is the size, the more you have to pay. Big Slabs are expensive and small slabs are not much expensive. You can buy Indian Granite slabs in Polished, Flamed, Leather, Lapatro, Brushed, Bush Hammered and sandblast finishing. Slabs are always less costly than custom made sizes.