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When you are looking for the right granite supplier from India, you need to keep in mind several things such as colors, thickness, size, finishing, and quality. Granite is a natural stone, it has several quality parameters. You need to keep in mind that you are choosing the right material from the right supplier.

Most of the granite importers around the world face problem importing granites from India, China or any other country. You also must have tried several granite suppliers from India or any other country to get the right material, which is fast selling. You invested your time and money to get the right supplier of granite, perhaps you are even feeling a little frustrated with many suppliers, as they can’t keep promises. It feels like no matter what you try, it’s not going to work.

How to choose the right Granite Supplier

Choosing the right granite supplier is a hardwork of many hours. It is not very difficult in the digital era. But, if you choose the wrong supplier, you will loose money and time. Lost money can be found but not the lost time. So make sure you are in the right direction of your research.Once, a new granite importer was in touch with me. He was very much frustrated, he shared his bad experience with me, let me share the same story to you.


We call this guy John. He ordered one container of tiles from China. John had some experience in the stone trade. He was an importer and previously worked with a construction company. John had some ideas about the granite and marble trade. He knew popular sizes, colors, patterns for his market. He knew how to import marble and granite. So after doing a brief research on a leading B2B portal, he contacted a seller from China, who was selling the tiles which John was looking for. they communicated a lot, and after some communication and checking the seller’s profile, he placed an order of 1 container tiles to a Chinese company. The material he ordered was originally from India but processed in China.


We all know that China has good types of machinery for making granite and marble, but they buy commercial quality blocks from India to fulfill their overseas demands. Most of the granite importers do not know this. The same happened with John, he had an idea about color, sizes, processing but he had almost no idea what his customers’ tastes for the pattern.

He paid all upfront payment to get the tiles of granite. The delivery was delayed, due to a short supply of blocks from India to China. He had to wait for almost 2 months to get the material to ship. John got his material after 3 and a half months. He felt some peace of mind after getting material at his port. Even though the delay had cost him already. 2 of his customers denied taking the delivery, due to delay in supply. However, after customs clearance and transport, he got the material in his newly bought yard. The unloaded material was perfectly packed in seaworthy wooden crates.

He was very excited to see the material, as it had cost him a lot of money and time. Now it was up to the material to payback.

He started opening the crates one by one, he had a doubt in the color and pattern, so he laid down tiles on the floor and found that every tile has a different pattern and color. The tiles were mean to place on the walls. if you do not have a similar pattern of tiles for walls or flooring, these are useless. He opened more crates, just to found out that there are more variations.

He urged his remaining customers to take deliveries. His customers were also waiting to get the tiles for wall cladding projects, but after checking color variation they denied to take deliveries. It was one of the worst experiences of John’s life. He invested a lot of money and time to get the right material, but could not get it. Many Granite Importers face similar problems while ordering granite from overseas companies.


Before making Import from India or any other country, you should check the following things with your granite suppliers.


If you have any doubts about the creditability of your Granite Supplier, you can ask for the company registration certificate from them. The government of India issues a certificate of incorporation to every registered company. You can also ask for suppliers’ Import-Export code. These types of certificates ensure you about the information about the company you are selecting as your granite supplier. We supply this information to our importer when asked.


The European Union allows exporters from India to register under the REX scheme. This type of certificate enable you to claim the duty on the import of Granite or marble. You can check the REX number validity on the website of the European Union. We are registered under the REX scheme.


Please ensure that your granite supplier from India is registered on the specific port of loading. Nobody from India can export merchandise if he or she is not registered on the port of loading. If not registered, it will stop your cargo on Indian Port. We are registered with every port of India.


Before making purchase, please ensure the payment term is FOB or C&F. In the FOB term, you need to pay for the ocean freight charges, while in the C&F, CIF or CIP terms, the exporter from India bears the charges. We offer all types of payment terms.


There are several payment conditions such as LC / Advance / Cash Against Documents. Please make sure that you negotiate the best payment term suitable for both the Granite Supplier from India and you. We offer all condition of payment.


Always double-check the banking information of your granite supplier. You can check via phone call, WhatsApp or any other medium. This will ensure that your supplier is getting payment in his / her account. Flodeal has a double-check system for payment.


You can check the information of quality with your supplier of natural stone by communicating with them. Make sure that your supplier knows the quality salable in your market. If you choose the wrong quality, it will have an impact on you. Our products are covered under an unconditional quality guarantee.


Packing is an essential part of any import. Please check with your supplier that he is going to load the material in seaworthy wooden crates. The crates hold the material very well. If the material is well packed, you will receive it intact. You can ask for pictures after loading. Granite is a luxury item and it should be well packed.

At Flodeal Inc, you can check each and every information shared above. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality granite and marble from India, we have made a system to ensure a smooth transaction between the buyer and us. We believe in long term cooperation.


You have come to this page, as you are looking for a reliable business partner. When you choose us as your granite supplier from India, we ensure you high-quality granite supplies with faster delivery.

We want to transform your stockyard in the best conditions so that you can sell more stuff. Our Granite and Marble are covered with an unconditional guarantee about quality and packing. We have sold our granite all over the world. We are a granite veteran and know the market and quality.


We offer you our 40+ Indian Granite stones as a granite supplier from India. You can choose any of the material from our collection, you can drop an inquiry and get prices. The prices of our granite depend on quality. So there is a lot of variation. When you drop the inquiry, just mention the name of destination, it will help our salesperson to send you the best suitable prices for your market.

Granite is an expensive material. Homeowners pay an extra amount to get the right material. They pay a lot because they want their project or home to be the best in the world. Every importer of granite should check basic things before choosing a new granite supplier.

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