Granite Tombstone Monuments and Gravestone!

A headstone, also known as a tombstone, serves as a memorial stone placed at a cemetery plot to commemorate a departed loved one. This tradition is widespread across various cultures globally, providing a means to honor and pay tribute to those who have passed away. Typically, a headstone bears an inscription with the individual’s name, date of birth, and date of passing, along with the inclusion of a personal message or prayers. Such messages may encompass eulogies celebrating the life of the deceased or feature quotes from religious texts, imparting a deeper sense of meaning and remembrance to the departed soul. Headstones, with their universal significance, play a vital role in preserving the memory and legacy of those who have left us..

Headstones and tombstones can be crafted from a variety of materials, including granite, marble, field-stones, bronze, sandstone, slate, iron, and wood. Each material possesses its unique characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Choosing a material that can maintain its beauty for many years is of utmost importance. Among these options, granite stands out as the most durable choice, ensuring the longevity of the memorial while preserving its visual appeal.

Colors available in Granite Headstone Gravestone Monuments Memorials

Headstones help us to pay tribute to our loved ones, so choosing details about the memorial design can feel overwhelming. Flodeal offers many classic to traditional granite colours for headstones to pay tribute to the loved ones. We assist you to choose from various colours for a memorial. We help you to alleviate the strain and pressure of designing & choosing the colour for a memorial during such an emotional time. Here are the most popular color options.

Popular Colors for Granite Memorials and Monuments

Which color is the best suitable for Granite Monuments?

Unarguably the Black Granite is best suitable for making Granite monuments. People wear black at the funerals. When someone you know passes away, the flood of emotions can be overwhelming. Along with feelings of sadness and loss, there are also often feelings of insecurity, regret, confusion, and even anger. Black color represents all these emotions. This is why the black granite is also used to make tombstone mostly.

Popular Colors for Granite Memorials and Monuments

Sizes Available in Granite Tombstone

Tombstone are made in custom sizes, however as per the physique of human body, the tombstone can be prepared in following sizes.

is a Monument Placed between Two Worlds

Standard size for a single grave is:

  • 16” by 8”
  • 24” by 12”
  • 28” by 16”
  • 36” by 18” (centered over 2 side by side graves)
  • 44” by 14” (centered over 2 side by side graves)
  • 120,130,140,150,160,170,180,190,200,210,220,230,240 x 60,70,80,90,100 cm
  • 95×75, 90×70 cm
  • 100×80 cm

These sizes are just general standard dimensions, but you should check with your cemetery what regulations they have about memorial markers before purchasing a grave marker.


The thickness of Monument Tombstone starts from 2 cm and we can make it upto 20 cm thickness in various sizes and finishing. We cut the material on PLC and CNC machines for better accuracy.

What We Offer

We are Certified granite monuments, headstone, tombstone suppliers, and we offer top quality granite tombstone & monuments. Flodeal is committed to the quality solution with all its granite headstone/ tombstone products, memorial plaques, & cemetery monuments in different shapes, colors, sizes with a finished surface & accurate thickness to honor your loved ones at the best competitive prices. We cater to B2B buyers & their buying needs by offering them high quality granite Tombstone/ headstone. Flodeal is a leading tombstone, headstone suppliers , delivering in different colors, patterns, & with various finishes for paying tribute to the loved ones who left us. Our factory processes all types of headstone including Irish, Nordic , Russian, Spanish, Japanese , American , Turkish and various other cultural requirements. Our headstone is of high quality & granite or marble used is of hardest rock type meeting the purpose of durability.

Material for Making Granite Memorials

Headstone is used for any stone made memorial for a cemetery plot. For decades, headstones were being used to pay respect for a loved one who has passed away. Different cultures use some kind of memorial headstones as a tribute to dead persons with some sort of inscriptions in praise of the lost ones or some quotes from their religious texts and some emblems.

  • IRON
  • WOOD

Marble VS Granite Memorials

Deciding and choosing which is better tombstone marble or granite is all your personal choice. As all stones can get weathered due to various chemicals and physical processes. Marbles get weathered easily and start to develop cracks if the headstone is located in an open area. In contrast, granite generally has much harder material used in it that lasts longer than marble and can withstand rain and wind with little effect on the monument. The lettering will also remain legible in granite headstones so you can continue to honor your loved one’s memory for generations. Choosing a headstone is a deeply personal choice. If you are looking for a white structure that stands out from the rest material, then marble is the ideal choice for it. If you want the headstone to have intricate engravings and want it to last forever, then granite is a suitable choice for headstone. A headstone is to pay tribute to your loved ones and it is important to choose a material that will stand with the test of time. Choosing granite will ensure the memory of your lost one lasts for a very long time. If you’re seeking a standout structure without much detailed carving, then marble might be the ideal choice. If you want intense detail that will withstand the elements, then granite is the better option.

Benefits of Using Granite Monuments and Tombstone

If you want the tombstone to be long-lasting, retaining its aesthetic appeal and weathering elements – rain, hail or shine. Granite is one of the most durable stones, making it an excellent material for headstones. Unlike slate, it won’t stain as marble can.

Benefits that granite offers are –


The reason why granite is chosen over marble is due to its hardness of the stone.Granite is a harder material and lasts longer compared to the marble. Granite monuments are popular markers, this material is becoming even more common. Take a look at all the cemeteries, and you’ll find granite structures created over 100 years ago, all in immaculate condition. Granite’s strength makes it more resistant to even the harshest elements,that includes snow, salt, and pollution. If you are looking for a structure that will stand the test of time, Granite is an ideal option and will withstand even severe weather conditions.


With regards to compensating materials, Granite is the ideal decision for creating extraordinary tombstones. Specialists and experts can execute high-exactness laser scratching and sandblasting methods perfectly on granite. Subsequently, the tombstone can highlight essentially any picture, image or engraving that you feel is the preeminent portrayal of your cherished one. These days, these methods are the aggregate norm for magnificent landmark craftsmanship. This sort of flexibility gives you the most different scope of choices for choosing the ideal tombstones. Essentially, you can arrange a tombstone as explicit, customized, and significant as you wish.Granite memorial enables grieving families to make gravestones with essentially any picture, engraving or tribute they wish – with stunning and enduring outcomes. Likewise, you’ll have the chance to add new lettering later on, on the off chance that you wish.


Naturally, we want our monuments to remain in great shape for as long as possible. Part of ensuring they stay beautiful is with regular cleaning and maintenance. Many common headstone materials retain the beating they receive from poor weather and seasonal instability. However, granite is a much easier to clean (and maintain) material, and thus, far simpler to keep beautiful. In the event a granite headstone fills with hard water, moss or any other kind of debris, it’s all but effortless to reinstate its original beauty. A little bit of water, a clean cloth, and perhaps a touch of dish soap is all you need to eliminate whatever build-up may be present and restore the headstone’s radiant craftsmanship.


Beauty is, perhaps, the simplest of all of these benefits, but easily one of the most important. Naturally, no one wants a headstone for their loved one that’s overwhelmingly dull and forgettable, or simply unpleasant to look at. We want the memorials of our loved ones to be the perfect representation of their lives, legacies and their enduring impacts on our lives. Therefore, they must look as magnificent as our loved one deserves. This is yet another significant advantage of granite in headstone creation – it’s simply the most beautiful option.Granite is clearly the most regal, alluring and singularly elegant substance, perfect for an unforgettable memorial. You’ll even be able to care for your monument regularly to ensure it remains as beautiful as possible over the years.

Tips and Tricks for the maintenance of Granite Headstone & Memorials

  • Using Lots and lots of clean water for maintenance. It is one of the safest and the most preferred way to clean a headstone is to use natural clean water or distilled water
  • Using a bucket and lots of water, keeping it wet throughout the entire washing process.
  • In order to clean a polished or honed granite memorial stone, wash it well with a soft, damp cloth or natural sponges. You may avoid the one with dye or rough, scrubbing sides.
  • Do not ever use household cleaners as they contain chemicals that may stain the tombstones.
  • Use only “household” glass cleaner not the industrial glass cleaner for creating a streak free finish surface.
  • Ensure that the glass cleaner used is completely polished (dry to the touch) on the monument surface.
  • Ensure that the cemetery has water available, otherwise bring bottles of water.
  • Toothbrushes or bath brushes, soft nylon scrub brushes, and a broom to be considered.
  • Soft clothes or natural sponges. You can avoid ones with dye or rough, scrubbing sides.
  • Scraping tools to look for the ones that won’t even injure the stones, like popsicle sticks, wood, nylon, bamboo spatulas, or other similar ones.
  • Old towels.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Trash bag.

How to Clean Granite Memorials

This is a step-by-step guide on how to clean a granite headstone. This is the ultimate guide that will better inform you on what to do and what not to do. when it comes to cleaning granite tombstones. This guide will help you clean your loved ones’ memory. This step by step guide is only for granite memorials and not to be used to clean marble headstones because marble, being a very soft stone.

  • It is always best to start by removing all the dirt or build up as you can before you begin any type of scrubbing.
  • Use the brushes and scrapers carefully to pick away any dirt, grass, debris, leaves, moss or any other build up that you can. Ensure that not to scratch the headstone in the process of cleaning.
  • Once you’ve removed all the dirt/build-up from the headstone, wet the headstone with a sponge or by dumping water on the surface gently. Make sure you have used clean water; starting at the bottom, gently remove whatever dirt and build-up is on the headstone. Work your way up to the top. The reason to clean from bottom to top is that you do not want the dirty water from the top of the headstone to drip down onto the rest of the headstone.. Keep using clean water to rinse your sponge and remove dirt, until you see that you have cleaned the headstone as best as you can.
  • Dump all the clean water over the headstone for a final rinse. Once you rinse the headstone, Ensure that there is no additional dirt on the headstone left that has to be removed via brush or scraper.
  • Ensure that you are satisfied with the appearance of the headstone, then you can pat it dry with clean towels or cloth.

Manufacturing of Granite Tombstone

Flodeal is leading manufacturer and exporter of Granite Tombstone, Headstone, Gravestone and thick slabs. We make all side polished thick material in following colors regularly :

  • Absolute Black
  • Premium Black
  • Ultimate Black (Extra Premium)
  • New Imperial Red
  • Jhansi Red
  • Red Multicolor
  • Indian Aurora
  • Pradisso Bash
  • Paradisso Classico
  • Kuppam Green (Verde Marina)
  • Viscount White
  • Himalayan Blue
  • Black Galaxy

You can buy all side polished pieces, two side Random slabs, readymade granite monuments with different designs and thickness, from us. We are supplying these monuments to many countries. For any pre purchase question regarding Indian Granite Tombstone Gravestone, Monuments, Memorials or thick slabs, please contact us.