Green Granite countertops are one of the most used countertops. The green color is the color of life and renewal. It is also closely associated with growth harmony and freshness. In many culture, green is the color of harmony peace and prosperity. You can use green granite countertops with white, red, black and mahogany color cabinets. We make different types of countertops in green color, the following are the most selling Green Granite Countertops:-

Kuppam Green Granite countertops

Kuppam Green is a very light-colored green granite from India. The base of this granite is light grey and green with white and lighter shed waves. This is a popular material for Countertops. The other trade name of this stone is the Verde marina granite. The concentrated crystalline structure makes it very strong. The design is in wavy patterns giving this stone the feeling of movement. You can use this color with any type of cabinet.

Green Pearl

This beautiful dark green granite is a replica of Brazilian Verde Ubatuba granite. It has a dark and intense green background with brown, white and pearl type pattern. The crystals of this granite are bigger than any other green granite from India. This is an ideal choice for buyers who are looking for a dark green granite with pearl type pattern. You can use this beautiful green granite countertop with any color of the cabinet. It looks more beautiful with lighter shed cabinets.

Tropical Green Countertops

The tropical green is granite from Kerela. Quarries are located in Kerela, but the processing is done at Bangalore. The base of this granite is dark green with a wavy pattern. It also has maroon color garnets in the pattern. We cut this granite in different sizes of countertops. You can use tropical green granite countertops with light shed cabinets. These granite countertops are available in Polished, Honed and Leather finishing.

Rainforest Green

Rainforest Green marble or sometimes also called Rainforest Green Granite is a wonderful stone for making Kitchen Countertops. This granite is a serpentine stone and softer than all other green materials. It has a green base with maroon and sometimes white veins. The veins of this material look like a painting drawn on a green surface. This material is available in Antique and polished finishing.

Coast Green Granite countertops

The coast green is a light color granite from India, the light color of this material gives aesthetic to your kitchen countertop. You can use this granite in making durable and high-quality countertops. The other trade name of this material is Verde Portifino. It has a lively and small coarsely grained pattern. Its playful lime green colors bring a sense of life and vitality to any project.

The name surf green has come from the famous detergent brand “Surf” from Uniliver. The pattern is similar to the detergent spilled over a plain surface. The other trade name of this beautiful granite is Typhoon green. It is strongly recommended for making Kitchen Countertops. It is a very hard and durable material. You will not have a complaint regarding pinholes with this granite.

Hassan Green

Hassan Green is a popular product from India. This is also known as Verde Star in different markets. It has a dark green background with white-colored specks, which gives it a look like a green-colored galaxy. You can use this stone for making countertops for Kitchen and Laboratory. A very strong material from the Bangalore area, it is particularly popular in the middle east and Turkish market.

Desert Green

A light grey-green color from North India, desert green is a popular choice for big projects flooring, wall cladding, swimming pool stone, and Kitchen Countertops. The base of this granite is light green and grey with the crystal of black and light grey color. You can use this granite with any color cabinet. It looks beautiful specially with brown color cabinets.

Apple Green

The Apple Green Granite has striking similarities with Desert Green. It is greener than any other granite from North India. This is very much used in projects and countertops. The base of this material is green with brown, sometimes light pink and yellow crystals. The crystal size of this granite is similar to desert green. You can use this granite with pink, brown, white and black color Kitchen Cabinets.



Green is a color of peace, it has stunning visual appeal. It comes in different sheds from light to dark. The green granite countertop makes the Kitchen looks nice.


The above mentioned green granites are very strong in nature. These are very hard granite, hence take excellent polishing as well. These granite countertops last for decades.


Green tops are easy to maintain and clean. The high polishing makes the surface glossy which is easy to clean by using a simple wet cloth. Also, all green colored granite have patterns, so it will not look dirty most of the time.


Any kind of granite is highly resistant to heat. It remains cool in hot weather. It will not only remain cool in hot summers but also resist conducting the heat from a hot surface to you or other parts of the countertop.


Green Granite countertops are generally less expensive than black or white granite countertops. The installation cost is also less than other colors of granite.