Unlocking the Beauty and Durability of Grey Granite

Grey Granite India

Grey granite, known for its timeless elegance and versatile applications, is a favored choice for a wide range of projects. Whether you’re designing your dream kitchen or working on a large commercial project, these granite offers a combination of beauty, durability, and affordability that’s hard to beat. In this article, we’ll introduce you to various types of grey stones and how they can elevate your spaces.

Light Grey Granite: Elevating Elegance

In the realm of light grey granite, you’ll discover an array of stunning options that can transform your spaces into havens of sophistication. Here are some notable selections:

  • River White: This granite’s creamy white base, adorned with intricate grey veins, creates a serene and luxurious ambiance. Perfect for kitchen countertops, bar tops, and even flooring.
  • Viscon White: Known for its delightful blend of light grey and white tones, Viscon White granite adds an elegant touch to kitchen countertops, bar tops, and wall cladding.
  • Imperial White: With its pale grey background and subtle veins, Imperial White granite is a timeless choice for projects ranging from kitchen countertops to big commercial ventures.
  • Moon White: Moon White granite features a soothing combination of soft grey and white hues. It’s ideal for kitchen countertops, bar tops, and as a beautiful material for flooring.
  • Jasmin White: Renowned for its pristine white background with subtle grey veins, Jasmin White granite exudes elegance. It’s a perfect choice for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and more.
  • Platinum White: Platinum White granite showcases a white background adorned with intricate grey veining. It’s versatile and enhances the aesthetics of kitchen countertops, tabletops, and vanity tops.
  • Kashmir Blue: Combining dark blue with intricate grey and white veining, Kashmir Blue granite adds depth and drama to spaces. It’s an excellent choice for kitchen countertops and backsplashes.

Dark Grey : Bold and Dramatic

If you’re looking for a bolder and more dramatic aesthetic, consider dark grey . Here are some impressive options:

  • Black Pearl: Black Pearl granite features a dramatic black backdrop adorned with silver and grey specks. It adds opulence to kitchen countertops, bar tops, and flooring.
  • Kotada Black: Kotda Black This deep, solid black granite exudes opulence and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for high-end interiors, including kitchen countertops.
  • Paradisso Bash: Paradisso Bash granite presents a striking fusion of grey and peach hues, creating a distinctive visual appeal. It’s perfect for tabletops, vanity tops, and bathroom spaces.
  • Indian Juparana: Indian Juparana granite showcases a captivating blend of grey, pink, and beige tones. Its dynamic pattern makes it versatile for flooring, wall cladding, and outdoor landscaping.
  • Desert Green: With its earthy green and grey tones, Desert Green granite adds a touch of natural beauty. It’s commonly used for outdoor kitchen countertops and pool surrounds.
  • Lavender Blue: Lavender Blue granite’s soft lavender and grey hues offer a unique and captivating aesthetic, making it suitable for kitchen countertops, wall cladding, and flooring.
  • Crystal Blue: Crystal Blue granite features a captivating mix of grey and blue tones, reminiscent of tranquil waters. It adds sophistication to various spaces, including kitchen countertops.
  • Steel Grey: Steel Grey’s uniform dark grey color and subtle specks offer a modern and minimalist look that complements a range of design styles, making it ideal for kitchen countertops.
  • Rajasthan Black: Rajasthan Black granite is a deep black stone with fine white specks, perfect for creating polished surfaces in both classic and contemporary designs, including kitchen countertops and flooring.

Sizes available

All the above beautiful granite are available in various sizes and thickness. You can buy following sizes :

  • Super Jumbo Slabs 180 cm up x 280 cm up x 2/3 cm
  • Jumbo Slabs 160 cm up x 260 cm up x 2/3 cm
  • Medium Sized Slabs 120 cm up x 240 cm up x 2/3 cm
  • Long Slabs 65 cm up x 240 cm up x 2 / 3 cm
  • Short Slabs 65 cm up x 180 cm up x 2/3 cm
  • Fixed Size Countertops 65 cm x 240 cm x 2/3 cm
  • Fixed Size Countertops 63 cm x 200/210/220/230/240 cm
  • Steps Free Sizes x 33 x 2/3 cm
  • Risers Free Sizes x 15/17 x 2 cm
  • Tiles 610x305x10 mm
  • Cut sizes 60/120 x 60/30 x 2/3 cm
  • Other tailor made sizes in various thickness
  • Monuments in various thickness and sizes.

The sizes are cut on precision machines to get the accurate thickness and high gloss polishing.

These grey granite options are versatile and widely used for a variety of applications. The applications including kitchen countertops, bar tops, flooring, and big commercial projects. Their affordability compared to other types of granite makes them particularly popular for large-scale ventures and flooring installations.

At Flodeal, we take pride in being manufacturers and exporters of these exquisite granite varieties. Our processing is carried out using high-precision machinery. It ensures that you receive top-quality granite products that meet your design and project needs. Whether you’re embarking on a residential renovation or a grand commercial endeavor. Our granite options are here to elevate your spaces with beauty, durability, and affordability. Contact us today to explore our stunning range of grey granite and make your project vision a reality.