How Green Marble Tiles or Verde Guatemala Tiles are made?

Green marble or commonly known as Verde Guatemala is marble from India. This marble is one of the most popular Indian Marble. The Green Marble is quarried in the Rishabhdeo Town in the Indian State of Rajasthan. This is also called Kesariya Ji Green or Udaipur Green Marble, as it is quarried in Udaipur and Kesariya Ji (Rishabhdeo).

Cutting Blocks of Green Marble / Verde Guatemala Marble

Blocks of The Green Marble are cut on multiblade Gang saw machines. The machines are made to cut the different size of blocks. To make Green Marble Tiles, we use small blocks to make tiles in the green marble since it is cost effective and we can pass on the margin to you. The general sizes of blocks are 15-160 cm x 160 – 180 cm x 240 – 280 cm, but for making tiles we use blocks in the size of 65-90 cm x 65-100 cm x 180-240 cm. The small blocks are cheaper than big blocks. We also use cracked blocks to make tiles of Green Marble, we cut the crack part before loading it to Gang Saw machine and remove the cracked part so that we can get fresh and crack less material.

The cutting of blocks is done as per the requirements of the order. If some needs 10 mm tiles, the blocks are cut in the thickness of 15 mm (less than this, the slab will break), if you need 20 mm tiles, we cut the blocks in 20 mm thickness and if your requirement is 30 mm tile, we will cut it in 30 mm thickness. By this process, we get the raw random slabs of Verde Guatemala in different thickness such as 1.5 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm.

Green Marble or Verde Guatemala Marble Slab Polishing

The cut slabs of Green marble get polish on Automatic machines. The machines typically have 16 heads to polish the unpolished surface of Verde Guatemala Marble. Each head uses different types of abrasive to get high polishing. These Heads are assembled in Line for polishing. In the old time, people use to polish the marble on hand polishers, which has a single head. It also can get good polishing. The major problem with single head polishers is, it consumes time. It can delay the projects.

Green Marble is a very hard serpentine stone and it takes very good polishing. Polished Slabs are generally used for flooring and wall cladding in a bigger area. All slabs are polished in book matched formate.

Preparing the tiles of Green Marble

There are 3 types of thickness in Green Marble Tiles, 1 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm. Different types of projects have different requirements of sizes, These four are the most common sizes:

Green Marble Tile 60x30x2 cm

Tiles in the size of 60x30x2 cm are the most common size available in green marble. These tiles are generally used for flooring.

Green Marble Tile 60x60x 2 cm

This size is using generally for a bigger project flooring and where the client needs square size tiles for flooring.

Calibrated tile 24″x12″x 1 cm

Calibrated tiles of green marble are used for wall cladding mostly. These are thin tiles and if you are using it in flooring it will break. Also, the tiles in 1 cm thickness are very good for wall cladding, they are lightweight than 2 cm tiles.

Calibrated Tile 24″x24″x 1.2 cm

These tiles are used for wall cladding in a bigger area. Tile tiles of 1 cm in such a big size may break, so we maintain the thickness of 1.2 cm.

Apart from above the tiles in Verde Guatemala Green marble are also available in the following sizes :

  • 60x40x2 cm & 3 cm
  • 40x40x1 cm, 2 cm & 3 cm

At Flodeal Inc, we ensure that you get the highest quality green marble tiles for your requirements. The Tiles are packed in wooden crates and we wrap plastic over the crates to avoid any kind of dust in the crates. Also, the tiles are placed in such a way that you get the tiles as it was on the cutting desk. We produce 8-10 containers of green marble tiles every month. We also make steps, Risers, Cut sizes in green marble for project work. You can contact us here to buy Verde Guatemala Green Marble Tiles from India.