Green Marble Tiles

Green Marble Tiles

Green Marble Tiles, also known as Verde Guatemala Marble Tiles, are a testament to the beauty and versatility of natural stone. In this guide, we’ll take you through the intricate process of manufacturing these exquisite tiles, from cutting the raw blocks to delivering the finished product. Discover the precision and artistry behind each tile that graces residential and commercial spaces alike.

Cutting Blocks of Green Marble / Verde Guatemala Marble

Green Marble Tiles originate from carefully selected blocks of Verde Guatemala Marble. Multiblade Gang saw machines and multiwire saw cutting machines are employed for this purpose. These machines are designed to handle various block sizes, but for tile production, smaller blocks measuring 65-90 cm x 65-100 cm x 180-240 cm are preferred. This choice not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also ease of handling. Imperfections are meticulously removed from cracked blocks to guarantee the final product’s quality.

Block cutting for tiles

Tailored Thickness for Precision:

Block cutting is tailored to meet specific tile thickness requirements. For 10 mm tiles, the blocks are cut to 15 mm thickness to prevent breakage. Similarly, 20 mm tiles are produced from 20 mm thick blocks, and 30 mm tiles from 30 mm thick blocks. This results in raw slabs of Verde Guatemala in various thicknesses, including 1 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm, ready for further customization.

Tile thickness

Green Marble Slab Polishing:

Slabs preperation for Green Marble Tiles

The cut slabs of Green Marble undergo a meticulous polishing process using automatic machines equipped with 16 heads. Each head utilizes different abrasives to achieve a high level of polishing. This process not only enhances the stone’s natural beauty but also ensures consistency and efficiency. Polished slabs are ideal for flooring and wall cladding applications, often arranged in book-matched patterns for striking visual effects.

Cutting Green Marble Tiles:

Precision is the hallmark of cutting Green Marble Tiles. Advanced automatic bridge cutting machines are employed for this purpose, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Every tile is cut with precision, ensuring consistent right angles, making them a seamless fit when installed.

Versatile Application:

Green Marble Tiles, thanks to their precise cutting, find applications in a wide range of design contexts. Whether it’s for a luxurious marble floor, elegant wall cladding, or any other dimensional use, these tiles adapt effortlessly. They grace residential spaces, commercial buildings, and architectural wonders with equal finesse.

Tile Sizes for Varied Uses:

  • GREEN MARBLE TILE 60X30X2 CM: Commonly used for flooring, these tiles offer both elegance and durability.
  • GREEN MARBLE TILE 60X60X 2 CM: Ideal for larger flooring projects requiring square tiles.
  • CALIBRATED TILE 24″X12″X 1 CM: Thin and lightweight, these tiles are perfect for wall cladding.
  • CALIBRATED TILE 24″X24″X 1.2 CM: Designed for extensive wall cladding, maintaining thickness for durability.

In addition to these, various other sizes are available to cater to diverse project requirements.

Quality Assurance and Packaging:

At Flodeal, quality is paramount. The highest quality tiles are carefully packed in wooden crates, wrapped in plastic to prevent dust accumulation. The tiles are arranged to ensure they reach you in the same pristine condition as they were on the cutting desk. With a production capacity of 8-10 containers of tiles per month, Flodeal also offers steps, risers, and cut sizes in green marble for project work.

The creation of Green Marble Tiles is a blend of technology, precision, and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of Verde Guatemala Marble. These tiles, with their versatility and timeless charm, continue to adorn spaces around the world, a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship behind their creation.