How to Install Granite Tiles

Granite Tile Installation

Although many will advise that you’ve got an expert floor contractor installing your natural stone flooring, own granite can become a do-it-yourself install project. You need to ensure you’ve installed a tile flooring previous. With a bit of patience and cautious planning, you can definitely install your very own granite floor.

Here are a few guidelines for installing a laminate flooring. Subfloor – Preparing the substrate is a very important step. You would like to ensure you’re starting with a subfloor that’s clean, dry, even, and in great condition. Remove, paint, carpeting, and residue. Make certain humidity can’t affect your subfloor since this will ultimately affect your granite tiles. Planning – Plan your granite flooring before putting the tiles down. Always purchase additional tiles and grout in the event you make a mistake. Having additional materials will also be convenient if you need to repair your flooring. Many will lay out the whole floor, or at least segments of tile, before employing any granite.

Use tile spacers to ensure your tiles are straight. By laying your tiles beforehand you are also going to be able to see whether you need to cut tiles. Installation – Divide your flooring into quadrants and begin with the top left quadrant. Mix the mortar in accordance with the instructions. Starting with the line nearest to the biggest wall, start applying a thin coating of mortar and then the tiles. A notched trowel will assist you to create grooves in the mortar, that will cling to the tiles better. After the last tile has been installed, allow it dry overnight.

Grout – Mix the grout in accordance with directions, and apply carefully, while eliminating the tile spacers. You might need to force the grout to the distances, but be careful. Permit the grout to dry for twenty-four hours, and eliminate any excess grout with a damp sponge. Seal the laminate flooring to prevent water damage and stains. Always check with your tile manufacturer for specific recommendations on mortar, grout, and tile sealer. Ensure you’re thoroughly comfortable installing your laminate tile flooring before beginning your remodeling project.