21 Stunning White Granite Varieties from India – Exquisite Selection

At Flodeal, we would like to share with you the unique characteristics of White Granite, a versatile granite in interior and exterior design. You see, White Granite offers a simple, yet durable solution to your construction and decorating needs. It balances fragility, longevity, resistance and adaptability, making it a top choice in the design world.

Choosing White Granite from India

When you choose White Granite from India, you are choosing a product that Flodeal takes great pride in offering the highest quality. Our commitment to original capabilities ensures you get reliable and robust products for your projects. What really sets it apart is the rich light colors, which have been recognized all over the world. Imagine this: from bathroom curtains to kitchen countertops, and even in the case of floor and wall coverings, Indian white granite seamlessly adapts to your needs, as you change for in accordance with your changing wishes.


The beauty of white granite comes not only from its durability but also from its timeless beauty. Its neutral tones match colors and textures effortlessly. It becomes a canvas for your creativity, offering both ancient and contemporary spaces. In summary, at Flodeal, we believe that White Granite exemplifies the balance between simplicity and strength, and provides a long-lasting solution for you, our valued customer, when you are looking to simplify its longevity will be embedded in your construction and renovation projects.

Types of White Granite from India

Here is the list of White Granite from India:-

  • Alaska White
  • Andromeda White
  • Azul White / Nueva
  • Bianco-Antico
  • Burgundy White
  • Colonial Cream
  • Colonial White
  • Glacier White
  • Imperial White
  • Kashmir White
  • Monalisa
  • Moon White
  • New River White
  • New Viscount White
  • Ocean White
  • Patagonia
  • Platinum White / Cotton White
  • River White
  • Thunder White
  • Viscount White
  • White Galaxy

Alaska White

This is a stunning stone known for its icy appearance, featuring flecks and veins that resemble snow-covered landscapes. The quarries of this granite are located in the northern part of India. This is a preferred choice for Kitchen Countertops, Bar Tops, Bench tops, floor tiles and staircases.

Andromeda White

Andromeda White is an elegant choice, characterized by its fine crystal structure and gentle grayish-white background. Quarries of this material is located in Sri Lanka. We import rough blocks and process at our state of the art plants.

Azul White / Nueva

Azul White, also known as Azul Nueva, offers a captivating blend of white, blue, and gray patterns reminiscent of ocean waves. This granite is a popular choice for flooring and kitchen countertops. It offers unique patterns in book matched slabs.

Bianco Antico

Bianco Antico granite showcases a striking combination of whites, grays, and browns, creating a timeless and versatile look. This granite is a bit off white in color and offers royal presence if used in walls, and island countertops. This is also a North Indian Stone.

Burgundy White

Burgundy White granite features a warm mix of white and beige tones, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. The burgundy colored veins and patterns makes it an idea choice to use as large area floors. This is also available in tiles, countertops. We process this granite in Andhra Pradesh region of India.

Colonial Cream

Colonial Cream granite boasts a creamy background adorned with intricate patterns of gold and gray, exuding a classic charm. The gold rust and black garnets makes it quite a unique choice. This is a popular choice for making kitchen tops and floors. You can also use it as flamed finishing in large projects.

Colonial White

Colonial White granite is admired for its soft, off-white background with subtle speckles, offering a serene and elegant vibe. The black garnets in this beautiful white granite looks very amazing. You can use it in large project due to its homogenous pattern. It can fulfill the requirements of white granite pavers at affordable prices.

Glacier White

Glacier White granite showcases a pristine white surface with light gray veins, evoking the image of serene icy landscapes. This is one of the exotic granite from northern part of India. Glacier white is mostly used in high end Kitchen countertops. You can use it in floors, kitchen countertops and wall cladding. The cristilla part in this material offers high polishing.

Imperial White

Imperial White granite displays a creamy white base adorned with dark gray and black speckles, radiating a regal elegance. This granite is a synonym of regal and royal. Big Slabs, tiles, step risers, countertops are cut in this granite for big and small projects.

Kashmir White

Kashmir White granite is celebrated for its milky white background with delicate specks and waves of gray and burgundy. The fine specks of burgundy color are beautifully merged with the white pattern. which makes it an ideal choice for large projects as well as Kitchen countertops.


Monalisa granite features an enchanting blend of gray, black, and white swirls, resembling the brushstrokes of a masterpiece. This is an exotic white granite from India, which is expensive in price. The use of Monalisa is mainly in high end Kitchen countertops. This is a North Indian Granite.

Moon White

Moon White granite is a mesmerizing stone with a pale background adorned with silver and gray specks, reminiscent of moonlit skies. This South Indian Granite is popular for Kitchen countertops, floor tiles and step risers. You can buy readymade countertops, small slabs and big slabs in this material.

New River White

New River White granite offers a blend of whites, grays, and beige, creating a harmonious and inviting aesthetic. This is an alternate to the River White from Andhra Pradesh. You can use this granite in floors, Kitchen and outdoor flooring areas. This is a South Indian Granite.

New Viscount White

New Viscount White granite showcases a captivating fusion of white, gray, and black hues, adding a modern touch. This granite is a popular choice for Kitchen tops, thick monuments and memorials. The other name of this granite in Kuppam White Granite.

Ocean White

Ocean White granite emulates the serene beauty of ocean waves with its soft white background and hints of blue, gray and beige. This is a new granite from North India, and it is gaining popularity wordwide. You can use this new granite for big projects, floors, Kitchen Countertops. You can also buy it in various finishing such as flamed, bush hammers and honed.

River White

River White granite is admired for its gentle waves of white, gray, and burgundy, resembling the ebb and flow of a river. This is a popular granite since a long time. The gentle white and gray waves makes it an ideal choice for Kitchen countertops, flooring. The flamed and brushed finishing on this granite looks very beautiful.


Patagonia granite features dramatic veins of gray, black, and white, evoking the rugged beauty of the Patagonian landscape. This is mostly transparent granite from India. The light can pass through this hard rock. In the night time, it looks amazing to have light in the background with this granite. The Patagonia is an expensive white granite from India.

Platinum White

Platinum White granite exhibits a pristine white background adorned with fine gray veins, creating a luxurious and timeless look. This is one of the most affordable white granite. If you are looking for a strong, all weather worthy white granite, the P White is an ideal contender. This granite can withstand harsh weather, yet it is very affordable.

Thunder White

Thunder White granite boasts a bold contrast of dark gray and white veins against a creamy background, delivering a striking appearance. The major use of this granite is in making kitchen countertops, wall cladding and flooring.

Viscount White

Viscount White granite showcases a sophisticated blend of white, gray, and black patterns, adding elegance to any space. This is an all time favorite choice as Kitchen countertops, memorials, monuments and flooring. This is available in various finishing and sizes.

White Galaxy

White Galaxy granite dazzles with its sparkling white background and glimmering specks of black and gray, resembling a celestial night sky. This is trendy choice for Kitchen countertops and flooring. There are big tiles, slabs, and Kitchen countertops available in this beautiful white granite.

These granite options offer a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing you to choose the perfect stone to enhance the beauty and functionality of your space. This comprehensive summary highlights a diverse selection of white granite varieties, each offering its own distinctive charm and applications. Starting with Alaska White, known for its snowy appearance, it’s an ideal choice for kitchen countertops, bar tops, benchtops, and more, sourced from quarries in India.