Green Marble stone or Verde Guatemala Marble is a serpentine stone from India. There are many names of this stone such as Forest Green, Empress Green, Jade Green, Dark Green, Light Green, and Emerald green. Different names exhibit different patterns and colors of this marble. This is a popular choice for making floors, Bathrooms, Kitchen Countertops, Wall Cladding, monuments, etc. You can use Slab and tiles in indoor and outdoor applications.This is a low price marble and available in slab, tiles, blocks, staircases, plinth. The Quarries of this green stone are located in the beautiful city of Udaipur. The name Udaipur Green marble and Rajasthan Green are due to the location.


  • Dark Green Marble
  • Light Green
  • Forest Green
  • Empress Green
  • Rainforest Green
  • Emerald Green

The place where quarries are located is named after a Hindu and Jain deity Shree Rishabhdeo Ji. There are hundreds of quarries of this marble in Udaipur, which produce high-quality blocks.

Rainforest Green quarries are located in Bidasar Tehsil of Churu district. There are around 20 quarries of Rainforest Green. This marble is also a serpentine stone, but the nature of Bidasar Green is completely different from Udaipur Green.

The place where quarries are located is named after a Hindu and Jain deity Shree Rishabhdeo Ji. There are hundreds of quarries of this marble in Udaipur, which produce high-quality blocks.


Dark Green Marble is a very dark-colored marble. The green color of this marble is very dark and with forest pattern. This is strongest among all green colored marble. Due to the toughness, it takes the best polishing. It is a bit brittle in nature and sometimes needs netting on the backside You can use this marble in Kitchen Countertops and wall cladding. The availability of this marble is less than other green colored marble. You can check the Dark Green marble here.


As the name suggests, it is a light color green marble stone from India. There is a similarity between light and forest green as per the pattern, The color of this marble is very light in comparison to other greenstone from India. This is a bright colored marble and you can use it for making floors and Kitchen Tops. It has two patterns, one is plainer and the other one is with a forest pattern. There are fewer white veins in this marble. You can also use this stone in cladding and windows sill.


Forest Green is a medium to light color green stone. You can see the pattern of dense forest in this marble. The base of this marble is medium green and hundreds of mini veins and boxes intersect each other. The color of the veins is similar to the background color. The Forest Green is one of the premium marble. The popular name of this marble is Verde Guatemala Marble.


Empress green is a very dark color marble. It is nearly black marble. This stone has a dark green background with white veins and light green web type pattern. The alternative names of Empress green are Web Green and Spider Green.

This marble is mostly used as Bathroom wall cladding and flooring. You can also use this marble in Kitchen Countertops and flooring


Rainforest Green is also a serpentine stone, the quarries of this marble are in Bidasar. It got it to name as Bidasar Green from the location. This is the most beautiful green stone available. You can use this marble in making Kitchen tops, flooring, wall cladding, etc. Most people use this stone in wall cladding. The book-matched slabs of this marble look beautiful on walls of dining, living room, and bathroom.


Green Marble

Emerald green is a more plain marble from India. The background of this marble is medium to dark green with a minimum pattern. This is a very useful stone for making large area flooring and walls. The Emerald green is also called as Udaipur Green and Rajasthan Green. Tiles of Emerald green are very popular due to the uniform pattern.


We cut slabs of Verde Guatemala marble on multi-blade gangsaw and polishing on Automatics polisher. The general size of the slab is as follows:

  • Small Slabs 2 cm / 3 cm – Width 90 cm to 120 cm x Length 180 cm to 240 cm
  • Big Slabs 2 cm / 3 cm – Width 130 cm up x Length 240 cm up


We cut and process tiles on an Automatic plant. We also have exclusive tiles in calibrated polished finishing available. Following are popular sizes available with us :

  • 610x305x10 mm
  • 610x610x12 mm
  • 305x305x10 mm
  • 400x400x10 mm
  • 600x300x20mm / 30mm
  • 600x600x20 mm / 30mm
  • 800x800x20 mm / 30 mm
  • 800x400x20 mm / 30 mm

These sizes give floors, walls, and bathroom an exotic look.

Green Marble Verde Guatemala


This is a multipurpose marble and general uses are as following:

Verde Guatemala
You can use it in high-quality flooring by using slab and tiles. This is not only a very beautiful marble but also a very strong and homogenous marble. It will give a bright and splendid look to your floors. The mirror-polished high-quality floors can be seen at different five stars hotels in Udaipur and nearby areas. Since this is a hard stone, as a result, it takes very high polishing.

Beautiful countertops in Forest Green and Spider Green are very much popular. These countertops are with high ASTM values and used in different types of edge profiles.

You can use tiles and slabs for wall cladding. The Rainforest Green is specially used for making beautiful walls. You can also use the rainforest and empress green in brushed finishing for your walls. It is will give you an excellent finishing and premium look. This is a very hard stone, due to this it takes superb polish. Well, the polished walls look beautiful. Also, the polish does not fade easily, you can enjoy the superb finishing for a long time.

The Stair Cases of this stone look awesome. The best thing about the staircases is the price. You can get premium-quality polished staircases at a very low price. This will give your home a beautiful look.

Apart from these, you can also use it for Stair Cases, Steps, Risers, Windows Sills and outdoor flooring.


Just Like Indian Granite, Green Marble is such a beautiful stone that it has been used in the United Nations’ general assembly. You can see glimpses of this natural stone all around the world in Mosques, Churches, Temples, assemblies and high-end buildings. This is one of the most beautiful and widely available stones. All these colors are multipurpose uses ranging from flooring to cladding. You can buy premium quality slabs and tiles in this beautiful green stone from us, we are leading exporter and manufacturer of slabs, tiles and tailored sizes in this stone.

If you are not sure about the green marble stone, you can try samples of this stone with Alaska White Granite, Fantasy Brown Granite, Crystal Yellow granite or any other material from north India.