5 Uses of Granite Tile

Granite tile is an essential component of any building or construction project. A tile is a small form with a perfect right angle, which is cut from a bigger size slab. You can buy general sizes such as 12×12 Inches, 12×24 Inches, 24×24 Inches or any other tailored sizes and thickness. Following are the main uses of Granite Tiles:


  • The granite tiles are a popular choice for making floors. You can make granite tiles as the main flooring material.
  • You can use size such as 60×30 or 60×60 in the thickness of 2 cm or 3 cm to make high-quality flooring.
  • After discussing with your architect, you can also order custom size granite tiles as per your flooring requirements.
  • We can cut and supply you tailor-made tiles for your requirements in 2 cm and 3 cm thick granite.
  • As for the color choice, granite floors look beautiful in all patterns.
  • If you are looking for a homogenous pattern, you can go with our flowery and crystal pattern tiles.
  • If you need exotic styles in your flooring, you can go with the Wavy and Cloudy Granite collection.
  • The Granite floors are one of the most economical and durable. Granite is a very long-lasting material. It can stay for hundreds of years.
  • You will find the same grandeur after using it for a lifetime. This is also almost zero maintenance material, so you do not need to pay a hefty amount for maintenance.


  • Granite tiles are very much used in wall cladding. Tiles in the size of 24×24 Inches are more popular in making larger area cladding.
  • You can use Flamed or Polished Finishing for the wall cladding of granite tiles
  • You should buy wall tiles in a thickness of 1.2 cm or 2 cm.
  • The weight of 24×24 Inches granite tiles in the thickness 1.2 cm is 12 Kg and 2 cm is 20 Kg.
  • These tiles can be easily pasted on your walls using simple techniques.
  • You can order custom grooving to us for pasting the tiles on walls. We can make grooves as per your requirements.
  • You can use flowery pattern (more grains) and solid colored pattern for uniform looks and wavy pattern and cloudy pattern for an exotic look.
  • Big tiles of 24×24 Inches can over a large area such as front elevation, porch, outside walls.
  • Granite takes outstanding polishing. If you are planning to make glossy walls, this is an exceptional material.
  • You can also use Flamed (burned), Leather, Lapataro finishing in granite tiles for your walls. All granite wall tiles are highly durable and weatherproof.


  • Many people are unfamiliar with the fact that countertops can be produced using granite tiles. The size of tiles, which are used in making countertops is generally 12×12 Inches and 12×24 Inches.
  • You can install granite tiles to make your Kitchen countertop, which is an effective cost-saving procedure.
  • You can buy high-quality granite tiles at competitive prices and install it on the countertops one by one.
  • It is advisable to use Homogenous granite for the purpose. You can use Absolute Black Granite, Black Galaxy Granite, Tan Brown Granite, Moon White Granite etc.
  • All these granites are homogenous in nature and will give your Kitchen a luxurious look.


  • In a modern bathroom, tiles of granite are used as flooring and cladding. You can use Crystalline granite for homogenous and aesthetic appearance.
  • You can use the same granite on the floor of the Bathroom and cladding of the bathroom. It will give you a uniform colored bathroom.
  • You can also use two completely different colors such as black and white or red and white for the color combination.
  • If you need a more exotic bathroom, you can use exotic granites in the cladding of your bathroom walls with solid colored granite on the floors.
  • For the non-slippery floor, you can use leather finished tiles for your bathroom flooring. The leather finished and flamed finished granite avoid skidding in the bathroom.
  • You can also use matt finished tiles for your bathroom flooring. Matt Finished Tiles also avoid slipping on the floors.
  • The Bathroom wall tiles should be 1 cm and the Bathroom Floor Tiles should be 2 cm for better performance.


  • Granite tiles as a backsplash are the most common use of these tiles. There are two types of backsplash granite tiles, Crystalline tiles, and exotic tiles.
  • You can choose the color of granite tiles according to your Granite countertop.
  • For better combination, use small backsplash tile sample of granite with your Kitchen Countertop.
  • You can use crystalline granite or wavy and cloudy pattern granite for the use as Backsplash tiles after checking with the countertops.
  • Same colored granite can be used for Kitchen Countertop and backsplash tiles, which gives a more homogenous look to the Kitchen.
  • You should buy backsplash tiles of 1 cm or 2 cm for your Kitchen. Which are available in the grooved and non-grooved backside.
  • There are many more uses of Granite tiles such as making memorials, staircases, skirting, making modernly designed monuments.
  • Most Noteworthy, granite tiles are inseparable components of any building projects. We manufacture and export all types of granite tiles in different finishing with calibration and non-calibration. You can contact us for Importing high-quality Granite Tiles from India in different sizes and thickness.