Black Marinace Granite

Black Marinace Granite is a distinctive and sought-after Indian Granite, recently introduced to the market. It has quickly gained popularity, particularly for its suitability in creating sophisticated flooring and kitchen countertops. Currently, we are processing this granite in thicknesses of 2 and 3 cm. It features a unique bluish-green background with patterns reminiscent of sand dunes.

Black Marinace Granite is an excellent selection for stylish kitchen countertops, wall cladding, bathroom tiles, and flooring. We offer this granite in various forms, including slabs, tiles, and kitchen countertop dimensions, in both 2 and 3-cm thicknesses.

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    Black Marinace Granite
    Name of Stone Black Marinace Granite
    Also known as Pebble Black
    Sizes Available Random Slabs
    Finishing Polished, Brushed, Leathered

    Features and Benefits of Black Marinace Granite

    Black Marinace Granite is a robust and visually striking natural stone. Its deep black backdrop, adorned with distinctive pebble-like designs, brings both elegance and a unique charm. This granite is exceptionally resistant to heat, scratches, and stains, making it a perfect choice for areas with heavy use. Its lasting durability ensures that its beauty remains unblemished in applications like countertops, flooring, and other installations.

    Black Marinace Granite marries long-lasting resilience with a refined appearance. The complex patterns and variations in color impart a one-of-a-kind character, suitable for a range of design aesthetics. It demands minimal upkeep, and its non-porous nature promotes cleanliness. The combination of its durability, unique look, and ease of maintenance makes Black Marinace Granite a wise choice for both residential and commercial settings, adding to their allure and structural integrity.

    Black Marinace Slabs

    Black Marinace Granite slabs are available in various sizes, catering to diverse architectural needs. Typically, these slabs are offered in dimensions suitable for large installations, such as kitchen countertops and spacious floor areas, allowing for seamless design flow and minimal joins in finished projects.

    • Counter Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 65 cm up x Length 180 cm to 300 cm
    • Counter Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 70 cm up x Length 240 cm to 300 cm
    • Jumbo Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 160 cm up x Length 260 cm to 320 cm
    • Super Jumbo Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 180 cm up x Length 280 cm to 320 cm
    Black Marinace Slabs

    Black Marinace / Pebble Black Tiles

    Black Marinace Granite tiles are versatile, ideal for numerous applications including elegant bathroom tiling, kitchen backsplashes, and accent walls. Their unique pebble-like pattern adds a sophisticated touch to any space, while their durability makes them suitable for both residential and commercial environments, enhancing aesthetic appeal and functionality. We cut following sizes :

    • 60 x 30 x 2/3 cm
    • 60 x 60 x 2/3 cm
    • 120 x 60 x 2/ 3 cm
    • Steps 100~160 x 33 x 2/3 cm
    • Risers 100~160 x 15 x 2 cm
    • Skirting Free Length x 10/15 x 2 cm

    We cut these sizes on automatic machines to get the best accuracy.


    Black Marinace Granite countertops are a testament to modern craftsmanship and natural beauty. Fabricated using advanced automatic machines, these countertops boast perfect cuts and precision, ensuring a flawless fit and finish. The miter cut technique enhances the seamless appearance, making them ideal for sophisticated interior designs.

    Notably, the high gloss finish on these countertops brings out the intricate pebble-like patterns and deep black color of the granite, adding a luxurious and reflective quality to any kitchen or bathroom. The combination of state-of-the-art technology in cutting and the natural elegance of Black Marinace Granite makes these countertops a sought-after choice for both durability and style.

    Countertops are available in the following sizes :

    • 27″x108″x2 cm
    • 27″x108″x3 cm
    • 65 x 180 x 2/3 cm
    • 65 x 240 x 2/3 cm
    • 70 x 240 x 2/3 cm
    • 61/62/63 x 210/220/230/240/260 x 2/3 cm

    Black Marinace Granite, offered by Flodeal, a renowned exporter of granite and marble to over 30 countries, stands as a symbol of quality and elegance. This exquisite natural stone, known for its unique pebble-like pattern against a rich black background, is crafted using advanced automatic machines, ensuring precision cutting and a flawless finish. Flodeal’s Black Marinace Granite is particularly celebrated for its high gloss finish, enhancing its sophisticated appearance. Available in various sizes for slabs and tiles, it is an ideal choice for countertops, flooring, and wall cladding in both residential and commercial spaces. The company’s commitment to quality and global reach makes its Black Marinace Granite a preferred choice for discerning customers worldwide.