Rajasthan Black Granite

Rajasthan Black Granite, hailing from India, is a striking black granite variant adorned with small brown and blue grains. Mined from the quarries of Rajasthan, this granite offers a rich, dark color palette. What sets it apart is its versatility, coming in various variations due to the expansive quarry locations. At Flodeal, we source this exquisite granite from all these regions, and we craft it into an array of products, including slabs, tiles, countertops, cut sizes, steps, risers, and headstones. Among these, it excels as a favored choice for modern kitchen countertops, where its enduring beauty and durability shine. Elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics with the timeless allure of the black granite from India, a true testament to the artistry of nature and craftsmanship.

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    rajasthan black granite
    Name of stone Rajasthan Black Granite
    Also known as Ash Black, Regal Black, Devgarh Black
    Sizes available Slabs, Countertops, Tiles, Step, Risers, Headstone
    Finish Polished, Flamed, Leathered, Lapatro
    Uses Kitchen Countertops, Flooring, Wall Cladding, Tombstone

    Benefits of Using Rajasthan Black Granite

    Rajasthan Black Granite, with its deep ebony hue and subtle speckles, introduces an air of elegance and opulence to any setting. Its timeless refinement elevates the aesthetic appeal of a room, boasting a sense of luxury through its sleek, polished finish. Notably, it is available in versatile finishes, including Flamed, Leather, and Lapataro, suitable for a range of applications, particularly large granite projects requiring flooring and wall cladding in various sizes and styles.

    Renowned for its exceptional durability, Rajasthan Black Granite resists the rigors of heat, scratches, and stains, making it an ideal choice for countertops and high-traffic areas. Its neutral black tone affords limitless design possibilities, seamlessly harmonizing with diverse interior styles. In summary, this Granite stands as a stunning and enduring natural stone, offering a wise investment for both residential and commercial spaces. Embrace its timeless sophistication and lasting allure to enhance your surroundings.

    Sizes Available in Slabs

    Rajasthan Black Granite slabs exude timeless elegance with their deep black color and subtle speckles. These durable slabs are versatile and ideal for various applications, from countertops to flooring. Their sleek finish and resistance to heat, scratches, and stains make them a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects. At Flodeal, we make following sizes in the slabs :

    • Counter Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 65 cm up x Length 180 cm to 300 cm
    • Counter Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 70 cm up x Length 240 cm to 300 cm
    • Jumbo Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 160 cm up x Length 260 cm to 320 cm
    • Super Jumbo Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 180 cm up x Length 280 cm to 320 cm

    Sizes Available in Tiles

    Tiles of Rajasthan Black Granite are available with us in following sizes :

    • PCTRB24x12 Polished Calibrated 610x305x10 mm (24×12 Granite Tiles)
    • PCTRB24x24 Polished Calibrated 610x610x12 mm (24×24 Granite Tiles)
    • PCTRB12x12 Polished Calibrated 305x305x10 mm (12×12 Granite Tiles)
    • PTRB60x30 Polished Tiles 60x30x2 cm – Ready Stock
    • PTRB60x40 Polished Tiles 60x40x2 cm – On Order
    • PTRB40x40 Polished Tiles 40x40x2 cm – On Order
    • PTRB60x60 Polished Tiles 60x60x2 cm – On Order

    Other Sizes

    We craft calibrated tiles of Rajasthan Black Granite in dimensions of 18″x18″ and 400mm x 400mm, available in both 20 mm and 10 mm thicknesses. Our specialization extends to diverse projects that demand customized thick tiles of Rajasthan Black. At Flodeal, we employ cutting-edge CNC and PLC machines to achieve precise cuts, ensuring perfect diagonals. These state-of-the-art machines enable us to create shapes like squares, rectangles, and even rounds, with cutting capabilities of up to 20 cm. Be it any quantity, we’re well-equipped to supply you with this exquisite Indian black granite.

    Rajasthan Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

    Rajasthan Black Granite countertops are a testament to the timeless allure of natural stone. This granite variety boasts a deep black hue with subtle speckles that add an air of sophistication to any space. Renowned for its durability, it resists heat, scratches, and stains, making it a resilient choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The sleek and polished finish enhances the elegance of any interior, effortlessly blending with various design styles. With its versatile appeal and enduring charm, the countertops are a popular option for those seeking a blend of aesthetics and practicality in their home or commercial spaces. We make this granite in following sizes :

    • 27″x108″x2 cm
    • 27″x108″x3 cm
    • 65 x 240 x 2/3 cm
    • 70 x 240 x 2/3 cm
    • 60/61/62/63 x 180/200/220/240/260/280/300 x 2/3 cm

    Rajasthan Black Granite, sourced from India, showcases a striking dark grey to black coloration, making it a versatile choice for various finishes, including Flamed, Bush Hammered, Polished, Leather, and Lapatro. It particularly excels in large-scale projects and finds extensive use in outdoor flooring with a flamed finish. This granite serves as a compelling alternative to Absolute Black Granite or Black Galaxy Granite when applied with a Flamed or Brushed Finish. While it appears quite dark from a distance, its nuances and characteristics become more apparent upon closer inspection, offering a rich, textured surface. Its adaptability and striking aesthetics make Rajasthan Black Granite a prominent choice for enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of both indoor and outdoor spaces.