Timeless Elegance and Unmatched Durability


Steel Grey, also known as Silver Pearl Granite, is a prized natural stone sourced from India. Its distinctive name is a reflection of its steel-grey hue, featuring a captivating spectrum of light-to-dark shades accentuated by glistening, pearl-like crystals. Recognized for its remarkable durability and consistent coloring, this granite holds a strong presence in domestic markets and is the preferred choice for large-scale projects. Its adaptability renders it a favored option for creating sophisticated grey kitchen countertops, wall tiles, and flooring.

Quarried in the Telangana State of India, the cost of Steel Grey fluctuates according to quality and uniqueness. Our inventory offers a range of formats, including countertops, slabs, and tiles, available in sizes such as 24×24, 12×12, and 18×18. Whether you’re looking to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics or embark on a significant architectural project, Steel Grey, or Silver Pearl , is a reliable choice that seamlessly combines elegance with resilience.

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    Name of Stone Steel Grey Granite
    Also known as  Gray Steel, Steel Gray , Silver Pearl
    Sizes available Random slabs, Tiles, Counter slabs
    Finish Polished, Flamed, Leathered
    Uses Flooring, Countertops, Wall Tiles

    Benefits of using Steel Grey

    Steel Grey Granite is popular for its exceptional beauty and durability. Its elegant blend of gray and black tones brings sophistication to any space. The sleek and stylish atmosphere adds a touch of class, complementing various design styles with its versatile appearance.

    Steel Grey offers unmatched durability, resisting heat, scratches, and stains for countertops and high-traffic areas. It requires minimal maintenance, with regular cleaning sufficient to keep it looking its best. Its non-porous surface ensures hygiene in kitchens and bathrooms. In conclusion, Steel Grey is a beautiful and durable natural stone, making it an excellent investment for both residential and commercial spaces. Elevate your surroundings with its timeless appeal and enduring durability.

    Different Finishing

    Steel Grey Granite offers a diverse range of finishes, each catering to specific aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. These finishes enhance the natural beauty of the stone and broaden its utility:

    Polished: This glossy, mirror-like finish accentuates the stone’s color and crystalline structure. It’s commonly used for indoor applications such as kitchen countertops and flooring, where a sleek and luxurious appearance is desired.

    Brushed: Brushing creates a textured, weathered surface by removing the softer grains. It’s perfect for outdoor applications like garden paths, as it offers slip resistance while maintaining an attractive look.

    Leathered: This finish provides a tactile, leather-like texture. It’s favored for kitchen countertops due to its ability to hide fingerprints and water spots, offering a unique blend of aesthetics and practicality.

    Flamed: Achieved by exposing the stone to high heat, flamed finishes have a rough texture. They’re often used for outdoor flooring, where slip resistance is vital.

    Honed/Matte: Honed finishes have a smooth, matte surface, offering a softer, less reflective appearance. They are commonly used for bathroom countertops and wall cladding.

    Each finish showcases the Steel Grey Granite’s distinctive beauty while meeting specific design and functional needs, making it a versatile choice for a variety of applications.

    Slabs of Steel Grey Granite

    Following are the sizes we cut :

    • Counter Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 65 cm up x Length 180 cm to 300 cm
    • Jumbo Gangsaw Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 160 cm up x Length 280 cm to 320 cm
    • Super Jumbo Gangsaw Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 180 cm up x Length 280 cm to 320 cm


    Tiles are available in the following sizes :

    • SGPCT24X12 Polished Calibrated 610x305x10 mm (24×12 Tiles)
    • SGPCT24X24 Polished Calibrated 610x610x12 mm (24×24 Tiles)
    • SGPCT12X12Polished Calibrated 305x305x10 mm (12×12 Tiles)
    • SGPT60X30 Polished Tiles 60x30x2 cm – Ready Stock
    • SGPT60X40 Polished Tiles 60x40x2 cm – On Order
    • SGPT40X40 Polished Tiles 40x40x2 cm – On Order
    • SGPT60X60 Polished Tiles 60x60x2 cm – On Order

    We also make tiles of 18″x18″ and 400mm x 400mm calibrated tiles in this Granite with the thickness of 20 mm and 10 mm.

    Steel Grey Granite Countertops

    Countertops are available in the following sizes :

    • 27″x108″x2 cm
    • 27″x108″x3 cm

    Steel Grey granite is one of the most popular Indian granite in domestic as well as the International Market. It looks very beautiful with the white cabinet. You can make high-quality Kitchen Countertops from this dark stone. Leather Finished Granite are popular choice for the modern Kitchen. This is a very hard natural stone and takes excellent polishing. Due to the cheap price and uniform color and pattern, you can use this granite in large projects such as Airport, Big Auditoriums, halls.

    Steel Grey Granite is a consistent and unvarying natural stone with minimal variation, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of applications. This versatile grey can be employed in various projects, including Kitchen Countertops, Wall Cladding, Bathroom Tiles, and Large Area Flooring, thanks to its enduring appeal and enduring strength.

    What sets Steel Grey Granite apart is the option of different finishes, such as Flamed, Brushed, and Leather, which add diverse textures and enhance its usability. You can employ these finishes creatively in Wall Cladding and for Poolside Flooring, offering a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

    You can load this beautiful grey stone from India with other granite varieties like Tan Brown , Black Galaxy , Sapphire Blue, White Galaxy, and Black Pearl Granite etc. , allowing for captivating combinations and intricate designs.

    Whether you’re envisioning tiles, slabs, or Kitchen Countertops, Steel Grey caters to your design aspirations with its durability and aesthetic appeal. It’s a testament to the enduring beauty of natural stone in your architectural projects.