Stream White Granite

medium black granite close up

Stream White Granite, a stunning Indian natural stone that blends the elegance of white and grey. With its vibrant and bright coloration, adorned by intricate grey and black veins weaving across the surface, this granite is truly a work of art.

These exquisite stones originate from the quarries nestled in the heart of Telangana State, India, near the picturesque city of Visakhapatnam. Known for its versatility, Streamy White Granite readily accommodates a wide range of applications.

At Flodeal, we take this extraordinary granite and transform it into a myriad of shapes and sizes, catering to your unique requirements. We craft it into slabs, tiles, countertops, and offer custom cut sizes, steps, and risers. The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours.

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    medium black granite slab
    Name of stone Stream White Granite
    Also known as C. white, Spider White
    Sizes available Slabs, Countertops, Tiles, Step, Risers
    Finish Polished, Flamed, Leathered, Lapatro
    Uses Kitchen Countertops, Flooring, Wall Cladding

    Benefits of using Stream White Granite

    Using Stream White Granite offers a range of benefits that make it a top choice for various applications:

      • Strength and Durability: This granite is known for its robustness. It can handle the wear and tear of daily life, making it ideal for countertops, flooring, and other surfaces. Its resistance to scratches, heat, and stains ensures it will look great for years to come.
      • Elegance and Aesthetics: The elegant combination of white and grey, accentuated by delicate veins of black, gives it a timeless and sophisticated look. It elevates the aesthetics of any space, making it a popular choice for interior design projects.
      • Versatility: This granite’s versatility is another key benefit. It’s available in various sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from kitchen countertops to flooring, wall cladding, and more. You can customize it to fit your unique design needs.
      • Ease of Maintenance: This granite is easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and sealing ensure it stays looking pristine. Its low maintenance requirements make it a practical choice for busy households and commercial spaces.
      • Resale Value: Installing Stream White can enhance the resale value of your property. Its premium appearance and reputation for durability and quality make it an attractive feature for potential buyers.

    In summary, Stream White Granite offers a remarkable combination of low price, premium quality, strength, and versatility. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also provides a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for your interior design needs.

    Manufacturing of Stream White Granite

    Manufacturing is a part of making blocks into slabs and tiles. We collaborate with different units to make different sizes and thicknesses. The units for making Medium Black Granite are located in the following places: –

    • Visakhapatnam
    • Ongole
    • Madurai

    The manufacturing is done using the latest machinery to achieve high-quality polishing and precise cutting. Utilizing advanced machinery, we craft premium-quality Steamy White granite. Exclusively for export, we ensure meticulous manufacturing. Each factory can yield 6-8 monthly containers. Choose from slabs, tiles, and countertops in various finishes: Polished, Honed, Flamed, and Bush hammered.

    Sizes Available

    The slabs of Stream White are available in following sizes, you can buy slabs according to your requirements in big or small projects :

    • Counter Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 65 cm up x Length 180 cm to 300 cm
    • Counter Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 70 cm up x Length 240 cm to 300 cm
    • Jumbo Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 160 cm up x Length 260 cm to 320 cm
    • Super Jumbo Slabs 2 & 3 cm Width 180 cm up x Length 280 cm to 320 cm

    Sizes available

    Elevate your decor with Stream White Granite Tiles, a harmonious blend of strength and elegance. These tiles, featuring distinctive textures and timeless tones, infuse enduring charm into your floors and walls. Beautify your living space with the timeless allure of Granite Tiles.

    Stream White Granite Tiles are offered in a variety of sizes:

    • 60×30 Polished Tiles 60x30x2 cm – Ready Stock
    • 60×40 Polished Tiles 60x40x2 cm – On Order
    • 40×40 Polished Tiles 40x40x2 cm – On Order
    • 60×60 Polished Tiles 60x60x2 cm – On Order

    What other sizes are available?

    We also make tiles of 18″x18″ and 400mm x 400mm calibrated tiles in this Granite with a thickness of 20 mm and 10 mm.

    What are the common size of Countertops?

    One of the most remarkable aspects of Stream White Granite is its popularity in modern kitchen design. Imagine adorning your kitchen with countertops made from this exceptional stone, infusing an air of sophistication and contemporary charm into your cooking space. But its allure doesn’t end there. This adaptable stone also finds its place in flooring, wall cladding, and makes a striking backsplash, elevating the aesthetics of your living spaces.

    Countertops are available in the following sizes :

    • 27″x108″x2 cm
    • 27″x108″x3 cm
    • 65 cm x 240 cm x 2 cm
    • 65 cm x 240 cm x 3 cm
    • 63 cm x 220 cm x 2 cm

    Stream White Granite is the epitome of timeless beauty and functionality. Whether you’re revamping your kitchen, enhancing your flooring, or upgrading your walls, this granite adds a touch of class and elegance to your surroundings. Experience the allure of Stream White Granite and transform your living spaces into a realm of timeless beauty.