Fantasy Brown Granite / Marble: Nature’s Work of Art

Fantasy Brown Granite/Marble is a versatile stone originating from India, often confused with granite or quartzite due to its strength and hard cutting. However, it is fundamentally a dolomitic marble with white or brown backgrounds and distinctive brown/grey cloudy patterns.

It is classified as a Level 3 or Level 4 Granite and is highly durable, making it an excellent choice for Kitchen Countertops. This stone is favored for its aesthetic appeal and its ability to blend well with both dark and light-colored cabinets.

Quarried in the Indian state of Rajasthan, it is also known as Sawar marble. It is available in various finishes like Polished, Honed, and Leathered, and can be used for book-matched flooring and wall cladding.

For wholesalers and importers, it is available in Slab and Kitchen Countertop sizes and can be imported from India at a cost ranging from $2 to $5 per square foot. Overall, Fantasy Brown Granite/Marble is a prized material known for its durability, aesthetic versatility, and competitive pricing.

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    Name of Stone Fantasy Brown Marble/Granite
    Also known as Fantasy Brown Granite, Fantasy Brown Quartzite
    Sizes Available Random Slabs
    Finishing Polished, Unpolished, Honed, Satin, Brushed, Leathered

    Cost of Fantasy Brown Granite / Marble / Quartzite

    Fantasy Brown granite is a fantastic choice for countertops, floors, and all sorts of indoor and outdoor projects. When you’re thinking about how much it’ll cost, there are several things to consider. Let’s break it down:

    Base Price:

    The starting price for Fantasy Brown granite typically falls between $3 and $4 per square foot (Sq. Ft.). We’re talking about those standard 3 cm thick slabs, which are what most people use for countertops and interior work.

    Thickness Matters:

    If you want thicker slabs, it can cost you a bit more. Thicker granite needs more material and is often seen as more premium and sturdy.


    The granite slabs need to be packaged carefully, usually in strong wooden crates to make sure they arrive safely. Sometimes, the cost of these crates might be bundled with the base price, or you might be charged separately for them.

    Extra Charges:

    Keep in mind that there are extra costs beyond the base price. This includes things like shipping to your destination port, unloading, customs fees, and taxes. The exact amounts can vary depending on where you’re located and the specific rules and regulations.

    Container Capacity:

    Granite slabs get shipped in containers, and the cost often depends on how many square feet (Sq. Ft.) can fit in one. A typical container usually carries around 2700 to 3000 square feet of material. This info helps you plan your project expenses.

    Count the Crates:

    Granite slabs are packed in crates, and there are usually around 7 crates per container. Knowing this helps you figure out how many crates you’ll need for your project.

    Landing Cost:

    To figure out the total cost of getting Fantasy Brown granite, you need to consider all these things – the base price, packaging, shipping, customs, taxes, and other fees. It’s a lot to think about, but it’s crucial for budgeting accurately.

    The final cost can also depend on the supplier, your location, and market conditions. It’s smart to get quotes from a few different suppliers and make sure you’re considering all the costs before you make a decision. Working with experienced importers or professionals can be a big help to make sure the whole process of bringing this beautiful stone to your project site goes smoothly. Oh, and by the way, this Fantasy Brown granite is shipped from Mundra Port in India.

    Fantasy Brown Backsplash Tiles

    Benefits of Using Fantasy Brown Marble/Granite

    Attractive Color

    The color variation of the Fantasy Brown is very beautiful and attractive. It has very much variation, and due to this every slab is unique. If you are using it for countertops, no countertop will have exactly a similar pattern. It is bright in color and very good for flooring as well. You can use book-matched slabs for making attractive floors.


    This is a material with proximity to Quartzite and marble. This is very hard and strong. It is more durable than traditional marble. The scratches are not visible easily on this material. Also, it does not require much maintenance in comparison to traditional light-colored marbles. You get a strong, scratchproof material if you buy this stone which lasts very long.

    Heat Resistant

    The Fantasy Brown is a natural heat-resistant material, it does not melt or catch fire. Also being a dolomitic property, the average temperature of this material is opposite the average temperature in the Kitchen.

    Low Maintenance

    As the material is lesser priced, it also has less maintenance cost than traditional marble. You can repair it easily and the multicolored nature of this material masks the repair. It does not need regular epoxy resin and polishing. It is overall a cost-saving stone.


    Price is one of the most important factors, which makes it stand out from the competition. It is less expensive than Italian, Greek marble and Turkish Marble. The average price of this beautiful material is much lower than the competitive Italian, Turkish, or Greek stones. You can use it as much as possible and it will not make your Kitchen Expensive.

    Multi-Purpose Uses

    You can Fantasy Brown Granite or marble as a Kitchen Countertop, Bathroom Countertop, Vanity top, Flooring, and wall cladding. The color and pattern of this material make it for multipurpose uses.

    Fantasy Brown Marble Slabs

    We employ gangsaw machines and multiwire saw machines to process Slabs of Fantasy Brown. Since it is a dolomitic stone, it necessitates additional abrasives for block cutting. Following the slab cutting, we utilize epoxy resin to address any pinholes or minor fissures. Additionally, the presence of fibers on the backside enhances the slab’s overall strength.

    For polishing, we employ a combination of automatic machinery and manual hand polishing tools. You also have the option to choose between leather finishing or Satin finishing, both of which impart a tactile leather-like texture to the surface. Satin Finishing Slabs of Fantasy Brown are highly sought after in various markets.

    Sizes of the slabs in the Fantasy Brown:

    • Counter Slabs 70 cm up x 240 cm up x 2/3 cm
    • Jumbo slabs 160 cm up x 260 cm up x 2/3 cm
    • Super Jumbo slabs 180 cm up x 280 cm up x 2/3 cm

    Fantasy Brown Granite is available in a range of thicknesses, from 4 cm to 8 cm. However, it’s important to note that for non-standard thicknesses, you’ll need to place a pre-order. We maintain a ready stock of 2 cm and 3 cm thick materials for immediate purchase.


    Fantasy Brown Granite Floor Tiles

    Custom orders are available for our marble tiles. A significant number of individuals are drawn to these exquisite granite tiles for their applications in both flooring and wall installations. The non-uniform nature of the marble’s pattern may not be ideal for standard, uniform tiling layouts. To achieve a unique and exotic appearance for your walls and floors, consider selecting tiles in a variety of sizes and finishes.

    • FBMCB24x12 Polished Calibrated 610x305x10 mm (24×12 Marble Tiles)
    • FBMCB24x24 Polished Calibrated 610x610x12 mm (24×24 Marble Tiles)
    • FBMCB-12×12 Polished Calibrated 305x305x10 mm (12×12 Marble Tiles)
    • FBMPT60x30 Polished Tiles 60x30x2 cm –
    • FBMPT60x40 Polished Tiles 60x40x2 cm –
    • FBMPT40x40 Polished Tiles 40x40x2 cm –
    • FBMPT60x60 Polished Tiles 60x60x2 cm –

    We offer 18″x18″ and 400mm x 400mm tiles in both 20mm and 10mm thicknesses. These tiles are popular choices for bathroom construction, flooring, and wall paneling. To ensure precision in sizing, we utilize automatic CNC and PLC operated machines for cutting the granite. Our advanced machinery is capable of cutting Fantasy Brown Granite materials up to a thickness of 20 cm.

    Fantasy Brown Marble Countertops

    Kitchen countertops play a vital role in modern kitchens, and there is a high demand for these granite countertops in both the United States and Canada. We craft these countertops using large marble slabs.

    Countertops are available in various sizes, but the following dimensions are consistently in stock in our inventory:

    • 55″x120″x2 cm FBMCT2
    • 55″x120″x3 cm FBMCT3
    • 26.5″ x 108″ x 2/3 cm
    • 65 cm x 240 cm x 2/3 cm
    • 70 cm x 240 cm x 2/3 cm
    • 61/62/63 cm x 200/210/220/240 cm x 2/3 cm

    Moreover, you have the option to complement these countertops with a backsplash in a matching color. These countertops harmonize well with white, beige, maroon, and black cabinets. The granite’s beauty is especially pronounced when paired with darker cabinet shades. In this picture you can see it also looks beautiful in white color cabinet.

    Countertop Pictures


    Edge Profile

    The following are the edge profiles available in this beautiful stone.

    We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Fantasy Brown from India. You can import high-quality Fantasy Brown marble / granite in Slab, Tiles, and Kitchen Countertop sizes. Fantasy Brown Marble is a popular material from Rajasthan, India, used for making kitchen countertops, flooring, and backsplash tiles. In India, this is popular for making floors and walls. Fabricators and homeowners can use the marble pattern to make various flooring and wall cladding patterns.

    You always get book-matched material, so it is easy for you to use in flooring and wall cladding. This material is very much used in making countertops as well. You can use each slab for long countertops of up to 110 inches. You can load Fantasy Brown Marble / Granite together with other Popular North Indian Granite and Marble.