Green Marble Verde Guatemala

Green Marble Verde Guatemala

Green Marble or commonly known as Verde Guatemala Marble is a serpentine stone marble from India. This marble is quarried near the beautiful city of Udaipur. The main place where quarries are located is named after a Jain deity Shree Rishabhdeo Ji apart from this marble is quarried at Dungarpur, Gogunda areas as well. There is one more Rainforest marble which is green in color but has origins in Bidasar Churu. There are hundreds of quarries of this marble in Udaipur, which produce blocks of this marble. A beautiful green colored stone, this is a fine marble and widely used as flooring, countertops, staircases, tiles, treads, thresholds and windows sills worldwide.

Green Marble Slabs

The slabs of Verde Guatemala marble are cut on multiblade gangsaw and polished on Automatics polisher. The general size of the slab is as following :

Small Slabs 2 cm / 3 cm
Big Slabs 2 cm / 3 cm

Verde Guatemala Marble Tiles

The tiles of Verde Guatemala Marble are cut on Automatic tile plant. We also have exclusive tiles of green marble in calibrated polished finishing available. Following are popular sizes available with us :

610x305x10 mm
610x610x12 mm
305x305x10 mm
400x400x10 mm
600x300x20mm / 30mm
600x600x20 mm / 30mm
800x800x20 mm / 30 mm
800x400x20 mm / 30 mm

Green Marble Uses

This is a marble with different types of uses, the general uses are as following:

Flooring:  This marble is used for high-quality flooring, the slab and tiles are used to make beautiful floors.

Kitchen Countertops: Beautiful countertops of Forest Green and Spider Green very much popular. These countertops are with high ASTM values and used in different types of edge profiles.

Wall Cladding: Green marble tiles and slabs both are used for wall cladding. The Rainforest Green which is also known as Bidasar Green is specially used for making beautiful walls. The brushed finishing in wall tiles is very much popular.

Apart from these, this marble is also used for Stair Cases, Steps, Risers, Windows Sills and outdoor flooring.

There are many sheds available, we manufacture and export following green colored marble:-

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