flamed black granite

Before checking the best flamed black granite, we should know what is flaming?

Flaming is a process which makes the surface of granite rusty. We use Unpolished slabs of granite for flamed using gas flames to burn the surface. A gas welding machine is used for burning the surface. The process of granite flaming looks like coloring the granite by high flame. A mixture of LPG and Oxygen generates flames with high heat. The combination of both gases penetrate the hard surface of the granite and makes it rusty by burning the primary surface. The flaming is also done by automatic machines which have a similar application of burning the slab or tile with high flames generated from LPG and Oxygen mixture.


Black Granite Tombstone

After the flaming of the surface, it becomes rusty and nonslippery. We do flaming using special machinery as well as traditional methods. The result of both types are similar and we get even finishing on the surface of the granite.

Many architects and builders use flamed granite for a nonslippery and different finishing for big projects. This finishing looks beautiful on black granite.

Flamed black granite is very popular among builders and architects since it is more uniform and looks beautiful in flamed finishing. There are much black granite that can be flamed using different automatic and traditional machines. Here we will show you the best 5 Flamed black granite.


Flamed Rajasthan Black is the most popular color in granite in flamed finishing. This granite is cheaper than all the black granite from India. The physical characteristics of this granite make it ideal for flamed finishing. This is a dark granite, which takes very good flaming. This is a cheap granite and flaming on the surface of this material does not take extra effort. You can simply burn this granite using basic machinery. It looks beautiful in flamed pavers, outdoor floors, and walls. We have done several projects of flamed Rajasthan Black Granite in Europe and Asia.


Black Galaxy is also a popular choice for flamed black granite. This granite is the darkest granite available in India. Since it has silver and golden specks all over the surface, we can not judge the darkness on the polished surface. When the surface is burned it comes out a very dark and rusty material. You can use it in the interior as well as exterior applications. thin lines on the galaxy hide in the process of flaming and you get a homogenous surface with small golden specks and dark color material.


Absolute Black is an expensive material, but many impurities of this plain granite hide in the process of flaming. This is a very hard granite and it takes special waterjets to get the best flaming on the surface. The absolute Black flamed surface is used to make outdoor floors, wall cladding and it is also used for making leathered countertops. When you use leather abrasive on the surface of flamed granite, it gives you the best results.


You can use Flamed Black Granite in large area paving projects and flooring. These dark granites are irreplaceable with any stone and this is the unique property about these. You can use any of these black granite for large size and small personal projects. We also have different types of granite available in flamed finishing. You can learn more about the process of flaming here.


The G20 black is also a dark Indian Granite with a surface that takes good flaming. The sugar dots of this beautiful black granite hide during flaming the surface and it looks plain and dark after flaming. Flamed G20 Black Granite is less expensive than the absolute black granite and it can be used in big projects. There is a little difference in the flamed absolute black and g20 black granite. You can use Flamed G20 in different uses such as wall decoration, monuments, pavers, etc.