Elegant White Granite for Your Kitchen

If you are planning to give your Kitchen a fresh look, we suggest you use White Granite. White is the most used and popular choice for any modern Kitchen Countertop. The Granite is used for bright color which gives any Kitchen a fresh and clean look. The White Granite is used for making Kitchen Countertops and Kitchen & Flooring. Here is the list of best White Granite for your Kitchen.

Kashmir White Granite

This Granite is one of the most popular granite for flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops, worktop, and backsplash tiles. The Kashmir White Granite is a uniform and homogeneous granite. It gives the Kitchen a stunningly elegant and silky look. This granite is very strong in nature and it does not have pinholes. It is heat and cold resistant, and you can use Kashmir White Granite in flooring and Kitchen tops.

River White Granite Kitchen Countertop


River White is another popular White Granite from India, It is used a lot in making Kitchen Countertops. The River White Granite looks more beautiful with Grey and Brown Kitchen Cabinets. The River White Granite can be used in flooring as 60×60 or 24″ x 24″ tiles. Similar tile and countertop will make a modern elegant combination for your kitchen.


Alaska White is a new granite from India. You can use this stunning granite with brown and cherry kitchen cabinet. The Alaska White Granite has a white background with brown and black patches. This granite is a premium material, however, installing this granite is always better than White Marble Kitchen tops. You will love to see Alaska White Granite in your Kitchen.

Moon White Granite Kitchen Countertops


Moon White Granite or Kashmir Pearl Granite is an excellent choice for Medium budget Kitchen. This is a beautiful white granite and very much recommended for high-quality Kitchen. You can use Moon White Granite in the flooring as well. 60×60 floor tiles of Moon White Granite are very good for flooring of the Kitchen. You can also use moon white granite in backsplash, flooring and Kitchen tops.


If you are searching for a low cost, premium surface granite, this is the best option for you. You can use the Platinum White Granite in a large commercial project, home use and luxurious use as well. Platinum White Granite is a very premium surface granite. Luna Pearl is an alternative name of P White Granite.

It does not need any kind of treatment or sealing. The Platinum White Granite is one of the favorite stone for big projects due to its low maintenance cost and cheap landing prices.

Honorable mentions

Platinum White Granite Countertop

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