Absolute Black Granite Vs Black Galaxy Granite

The most common question that arises when you are choosing black granites is “what is the difference”? Flodeal has all the answers to this question and we are here to help you with the unique qualities of Absolute Black Granite and Black Galaxy. Though they might look somewhat the same, there are other qualities that you should know.

Flodeal offers you unique Absolute Black Granites and Black Galaxy Granites that are not doctored. We show you the slabs in person so that whatever questions you have can be answered. The price factor also matters when you are choosing the slabs and we are here to help you.

So let us understand the difference between Absolute Black Granite and Black Galaxy Granite.

1) Absolute Black Granite

  • Pure black granite that is true to its color.
  • The color and texture are immaculate.
  • It can be recommended for both interior and exterior decoration.
  • Can be used for Outdoor Cladding.
  • For residence, it can be used for floors, countertops, and architectural features if any.
  • This is the most used granite for making monuments, vases and tombstone due to its soli color.

Absolute Black Granite is famous for its black colour, shine, and smooth finish. Its natural strength, texture, and prominent colour give it an edge as it amplifies the look of the interior or exterior. This is a very strong granite and can be used in exterior and interior applications. You can buy slabs, tiles, monuments, tombstones in this beautiful dark granite.

2) Black Galaxy Granite

  • This granite comes in a small gold or white speckles on a black background.
  • This granite is also recommended for both interiors and exteriors as it gives a lavish look.
  • It is also available in both tiles and slabs.
  • It enhances accent walls, countertops, floors, claddings, backsplashes.

Black Galaxy Granite granite is a favorite of many as they love the pattern of the specks on the granites. So both of the granites are unique and Flodeal distributes both of them. This is one of the most popular granite in south east Asia, the Middle east and North Africa. You can buy slabs, tiles , staircases, skirting in this material. This is also cheaper than its solid colored sibling Absolute Black Granite.