Types of Black Granite from India

Black granite, a leading choice among property owners globally, stands out in the world of natural stones. Renowned for its captivating natural black beauty and enduring elegance, black granite ranks at the forefront of design trends. It is admired not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its exceptional strength and durability.

Black granite is a favorite among homeowners and designers for various applications. Its timeless charm complements both modern and traditional settings, making it a versatile choice. This stone’s distinct character and lustrous black hue add a touch of sophistication to spaces, elevating their visual appeal.

Furthermore, black granite boasts longevity and resilience that few natural stones can match. Its robust nature makes it ideal for high-traffic areas, countertops, flooring, and exterior cladding. Whether it’s the striking visual impact or the unmatched durability, black granite is a top choice in the world of natural stones, promising enduring beauty and value for property owners.

In summary, black granite’s inherent beauty, strength, and durability have earned it a prominent place in architectural and interior design, making it a timeless and elegant option for a wide range of projects worldwide.

Reasons to Choose Black Granite?

  • The aesthetics created by adding black granite to your home decor or exteriors simply stands out in the crowd.
  • On this granite, there is a range of patterns and swirls of black and white that tends to add a style statement that is modern, unique, and luxurious.
  • Homeowners usually use fancy black granite to give a striking look to their kitchens and bathrooms. The incorporation of black granite can endow the space with its novel look.
  • It complements easily with the design elements including flooring, cabinets and sink – no matter which colour or texture.
  • It is a colour that easily blends with other colours, the black granite provides a contrasting appearance when matched with white or light colour cabinets.
  • The look offered to any commercial or residential space is consistent in colour and texture. Black granite can be used in countless applications such as indoors and outdoors.
  • Its polished surface reflects, shines & it is a universal choice for crafting attractive countertops, floors, outdoor cladding and architectural features.


Black granite’s outstanding qualities extend to its resistance to water and heat, demanding minimal maintenance. Simply cleaning it with soapy water suffices for easy sanitation. These attributes make it a standout choice for various projects, even in freezing temperatures.

The stone’s resistance to water ensures its longevity, preventing damage from moisture and ensuring it maintains its exquisite appearance. Its ability to withstand heat makes it suitable for kitchen countertops and other applications where high temperatures are common.

The low maintenance requirement is a key advantage, as it reduces the time and effort needed to keep the stone looking pristine. Whether used indoors or outdoors, black granite not only endures harsh conditions but also thrives, offering timeless elegance without the burden of demanding upkeep. Its adaptability and ease of care make it a favored option for discerning property owners and designers alike.

Therefore, black granite proves to be an apt choice.

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom
  • Table Tops/Bar Tops
  • Flooring
  • Accent Walls
  • Outdoor Cladding
  • Outdoor Flooring
  • Tombstone / Gravestone / Headstone / Funeral Stone

Flodeal’s Most Popular Black Granite Types

Within the portfolio of Flodeal, the color black granite occupies a prominent position as a highly sought-after option for countertops, flooring, and bathroom applications. Our inventory comprises dark granites, offered in various forms such as slabs, tiles, countertops, and backsplash tiles. Notably, our collection encompasses plain black granite selections, as well as black granite variations enriched with silver sparkles or gold flecks, providing diverse design choices.

Flodeal is dedicated to both manufacturing and exporting a comprehensive range of black granite options. Our commitment extends to the production and global distribution of the most favored black granite varieties. We take pride in delivering these premium granite selections to cater to the discerning needs of our clientele.

Titanium Gold

Titanium Gold Granite, an exquisite variety of Indian Black Granite, stands as a testament to the natural beauty and elegance that emanates from the earth’s depths. This granite variety showcases a profound dark black background adorned with a captivating and intricate wavy pattern. This pattern features sinuous veins of white and resplendent golden hues, creating a striking contrast that evokes a sense of opulence and refinement.

Hailing from the granite-rich region of Rajasthan, India, the quarries in this area yield the magnificent Titanium Gold Granite. The geological wonders and unique mineral compositions of this region give birth to this stunning and sought-after stone, which holds a distinctive place in the world of natural stone.

Titanium Gold is available in super Jumbo , Jumbo, Counter Slabs, Tiles, Kitchen countertops, readymade countertops. Read more..

Absolute Black

Hailing from the heart of India, this granite variety is commonly recognized as Jet Black Granite, and it goes by the name Absolute Black. Renowned for its opulence, Absolute Black stands as a premier choice for crafting high-end kitchen countertops, as well as dignified gravestones and tombstones. This granite distinguishes itself as one of the darkest and densest natural stones available, making it a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

What sets Absolute Black apart is its striking inky black coloration and remarkable porosity-free surface, ensuring it ranks among the highest-grade natural stones in the industry. This exceptional granite emerges from the quarries located in Khammam, Warangal, Chamrajnagar, Mysore, and Kanakapura, all of which yield top-quality dark stone. The fusion of Indian craftsmanship and the unrivaled beauty of Absolute Black Granite make it an excellent choice for those who seek enduring elegance and functionality in their interior and exterior projects. Elevate your designs with the exquisite depths of Absolute Black Granite from India.

Black Galaxy

Hailing from the renowned quarries of India, this granite has earned its popularity and is affectionately known as Star Galaxy Granite, thanks to its striking appearance. With a lustrous dark black backdrop adorned with delicate specks of gold and silver, it evokes the imagery of stars strewn across the night sky. This natural stone is a visual spectacle, adding a touch of cosmic elegance to any space it graces.

Star Galaxy Granite isn’t just about aesthetics; it is renowned for its durability, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. From crafting exquisite kitchen countertops to enhancing wall tiles and flooring, as well as serving as the foundation for stylish center tables, its versatility knows no bounds.

When it comes to black granite options for kitchen countertops, Star Galaxy Granite is a cherished favorite. Its blend of durability, captivating beauty, and versatility makes it a top choice for those who seek to infuse their living spaces with the allure of the cosmos. Elevate your interior design with the enchanting charm of Star Galaxy Granite from India.

Pebble black

Emerging as an exclusive treasure from the heart of India, this pristine granite is the embodiment of elegance. Despite its recent introduction to the market, it has swiftly garnered a stellar reputation for its remarkable qualities, particularly in flooring and kitchen countertops. The granite exhibits a captivating bluish-green backdrop adorned with enchanting dune-like patterns, creating a visually arresting and unique effect.

This versatile gem from India serves as an ideal choice for a range of applications. Whether you seek to transform your kitchen into a culinary haven with elegant countertops, elevate your interiors with striking wall cladding, add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with exquisite tiles, or enhance your living spaces with enchanting flooring, this granite is poised to fulfill your creative visions.

While being relatively new to the scene, this Indian granite has already asserted itself as a frontrunner in the realm of interior design, offering an infusion of sophistication and style that is both timeless and contemporary. Transform your living spaces into showcases of refined beauty with this exclusive and enchanting Indian granite.

Pebble Black Granite

Black Forest

Hailing from the quarries of India, this black granite variety is an enchanting creation of nature. Distinguished by its deep, obsidian-black background adorned with delicate white veins resembling a captivating spider’s web, it evokes the imagery of a mystical forest in its intricate patterns. This granite boasts striking similarities in its pattern to the renowned Paradiso Granite and is sometimes referred to as Silver Paradiso, a testament to its ethereal beauty.

The versatility of this Indian black granite extends to various applications, making it a sought-after choice. Whether you aspire to transform your kitchen into a culinary haven with exquisite countertops, infuse your living spaces with timeless elegance through captivating wall tiles, or grace your floors with the enduring charm of natural stone, this granite stands as an exceptional option.

Mined from the pristine quarries of the Karnataka State in India, this granite weaves a tale of natural beauty that seamlessly blends elegance and artistry. Elevate your interior design with the enchanting allure of this Indian treasure, a stunning fusion of dark sophistication and delicate natural patterns.

Black Pearl Granite

Hailing from the heart of India, this granite variety has garnered immense popularity, particularly in North America. Referred to as Black Pearl, it possesses a striking and alluring presence with its dark background adorned by a pearlescent texture that adds a touch of sophistication to its appearance. What sets this granite apart is its remarkable consistency, making it a reliable choice for substantial projects and applications.

One of the primary uses of Black Pearl granite is in the creation of kitchen countertops, where its elegant and timeless appeal shines through, transforming your culinary space into a haven of refinement. Additionally, its versatility extends to wall cladding, where it adds a touch of luxury to your interiors.

Black Pearl’s beauty doesn’t stop at the kitchen; it’s a superb choice for bathroom tiles, elevating your bathroom’s aesthetics and infusing it with an air of opulence. This Indian granite serves as a testament to the country’s rich geological heritage, offering a blend of versatility, elegance, and consistency that’s earned it a special place in the hearts of those who seek to enhance their living spaces with the allure of Black Pearl.

black pearl granite kitchen countertop

Rajasthan Black Granite

Rajasthan Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

Hailing from the vibrant state of Rajasthan in India, this exquisite natural stone is an Indian Black Granite of profound allure. This granite showcases a rich and enveloping dark hue adorned with small, glistening brown and blue garnets, adding a touch of enchantment to its deep coloration. Quarried in Rajasthan, India, this granite boasts four distinct variations, reflecting the diverse geological tapestry of the region.

With its alluring aesthetic and enduring strength, it has become a beloved choice for modern kitchen countertops. The interplay of dark tones and the sparkling garnets infuse a sense of luxury into the heart of your home, making it an ideal choice for culinary enthusiasts and interior design aficionados alike.

The quarries in Rajasthan’s vast expanse yield a spectrum of this granite, ensuring that it can cater to a wide array of design preferences. Whether your vision calls for a sleek, contemporary look or a more traditional, timeless ambiance, this Indian Black Granite stands as a versatile and captivating choice for those who seek to infuse their living spaces with its enchanting beauty.

Bengal Black granite

Hailing from the vibrant geological treasure chest of India, Bengal Black Granite stands as a captivating natural wonder. This exceptional granite boasts a profound black base, graced with the presence of delicate white grains and silvery minerals that sprinkle across its surface like stardust on a midnight canvas. The juxtaposition of the deep black backdrop with these striking light accents creates a mesmerizing and elegant aesthetic.

Bengal Black Granite is highly favored by contractors, and for good reason. Its rich black foundation, adorned with these attractive light white grains, adds a touch of sophistication and timeless charm to construction projects. Its versatility and enduring appeal make it a reliable choice, whether you are embarking on large-scale construction ventures or seeking to infuse your living spaces with the elegance of Bengal Black Granite.

This Indian natural treasure is a testament to the country’s rich geological heritage, offering a fusion of beauty and durability that transcends time and trends. Elevate your construction projects with the captivating allure of Bengal Black Granite, a celebration of contrasts and enduring sophistication.

Black Albena granite

Black Albena Granite, hailing from the depths of India's rich geological landscapes, is a stunning natural stone that exudes elegance and sophistication. Renowned for its deep, intense black background interspersed with subtle white and gray speckles, this granite variety offers a contemporary and luxurious aesthetic. Its unique pattern, resembling a star-studded night sky, makes it a popular choice for those seeking a touch of drama and luxury in their spaces.

Ideal for both residential and commercial projects, Black Albena Granite is highly valued for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It's perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchen countertops, flooring, and outdoor applications. The granite's polished finish not only enhances its natural beauty but also makes it easy to maintain.

Choosing Black Albena Granite means opting for a blend of timeless beauty and practicality. Its versatility in design and robustness makes it a smart choice for architects and designers looking to create impactful and lasting impressions. Whether in a modern minimalist setting or a more traditional decor, Black Albena Granite adds a distinctive charm and sophistication.

Black Marquina Granite

Black Markino Granite, also known as River Black Granite, is a captivating natural stone from India, celebrated for its unique and dynamic aesthetics. This granite variety features a rich black background, beautifully contrasted by a network of fine, intricate white veins that resemble flowing river patterns. This striking visual contrast not only adds depth but also a sense of movement to the stone, making it a favorite among designers and homeowners alike.

Ideal for a variety of applications, Black Markino Granite is extensively used in creating elegant kitchen countertops, stylish bathroom vanities, and as a sophisticated flooring option. Its durability and resistance to scratches and stains make it a practical choice for high-traffic areas, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.

The versatility of Black Markino Granite extends beyond its functional attributes. Its luxurious appearance, characterized by its deep black hue and contrasting veins, offers a contemporary yet timeless appeal, making it suitable for both modern and traditional designs. Its ability to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space makes it a highly sought-after material in the world of interior design.

Black Milano granite

Black Milano Granite is a striking and sophisticated natural stone, originating from the vast quarries of India. Renowned for its bold and elegant appearance, this granite features a deep black base that is beautifully accented with intricate patterns of white and gray veins. These unique markings give Black Milano Granite a dynamic and textured look, making it a standout choice for a variety of design projects.

Highly prized for its durability and resilience, Black Milano Granite is an excellent option for high-traffic areas. It's commonly used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and flooring, where its resistance to scratches, stains, and wear is a significant advantage. The stone's polished surface not only highlights its intricate vein patterns but also adds a luxurious sheen, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Black Milano Granite's timeless beauty and practicality make it a favorite among architects and interior designers. Its ability to complement both contemporary and traditional styles, coupled with its strength and longevity, ensures that it remains a top choice for those seeking both elegance and functionality in their spaces.

Classic Volga Granite

Durable natural stone imported from Ukraine. It’s Dense, black mineral deposits give a filter that almost looks like shattered glass, but it’s the exquisite blue mineral deposits that provide this granite its name. It is beautiful, durable granite in shades of dark greys and blues with lighter differences in greys and blues.

Cobbles Marinace Black Granite

This type of granite is an amazing combination of dark grey and brown color & has a bubble-like appearance of Brown color on a dark grey surface. It is the perfect choice for all its applications as it has a unique mineral composition of stone. It is the stone which comes with some inherent features like durability and resistance from heat and water.

Coin Black Granite

This type of granite has a Coin cell lying on it. As granite is one of the hardest stones and lasts for years, You can utilize it as a building stone for both inside and outside ,as granite is one of the hardest stones and lasts for years. This type of Granite is popular for flooring as well as wall cladding. It is mostly preferred for commercial places like restaurants, shops, schools, hotels, and other places.

Phirangipuram Black granite

Phirangipuram Black Granite is a kind of black granite quarried in the southern parts of India. It has a dark black background with white dots on the stone. The Phirangipuram Black Granite is one of the most demanded products of the Indian Granite trade.

Fish Black Granite

It has fish-like white dots in the background. It is beautiful black granite with a black base & having fish-shaped white swirls all across the surface of the slabs. It is very popular for its vibrant color, durability, and exclusive finish and polished.This Fish Black granite is the perfect choice for the interior flooring and wall decoration of the house.

Golden Oro

Golden Oro is a beautiful granite with a black base and golden texture running all over the surface. This stone contains intense and bright black colour & has a unique material.It has a golden pattern on a black background

Majestic Black Granite

Majestic black granite is a fantastic combination of black and grey color.It has a bubble-like appearance of grey color on a black surface. It is known for its natural look and color & has a long-lasting shine and durability. It is a type of high-quality black granite with a low water absorption capacity and optimum strength.

Majestic Lappato Black Granite

The word Lappato has been derived from an Italian name. Majestic Lappato Granite or Brown Lappato Granite is a fantastic combination of dark grey and brown color. Majestic Lappato Granite has an excellent hardness and durability features of this granite.As it is easily available in multiple colors makes it a favorite homeowner choice.

River Black Granite

River black granite has a white color pattern like the flow of the river. It is the perfect choice for the interior flooring, wall decoration of the house & for Countertops of kitchen and bathroom vanity top and sink tops.

Ruby Black granite

Ruby Black Granite is a black color granite with a crystalline ruby Material that gives a stunning look to the interior of your house.This granite is very popular among interior designers and decorators. This crystalline pattern gives an elegant appearance to the interior of residential and commercial spaces. It is widely used granite because of its features like high strength, easy maintenance, stain resistance, skid resistance, and highly resistant to heat and water, etc.

Spicy Black granite

Spicy Black Granite is quarried in the southern parts of India.It has dark black stripes in the greyish-black background of the stone.It is also called Black Spice Granite, Spice Black Granite, Royal Black Granite.

Telephone Black granite

It has an overflow of black shade and water linings on the top of the surface. It’s important features are high strength. Easy maintenance, stain resistance, skid resistance, etc & widely used for interior and exterior.

Titanium Black granite

Titanium Black granite is an all-natural stone with white and fawn veins swirling against black veins and darkish grey. It is a natural stone that is very attractive to your eye. It is ideal for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops & works well with a variation of shades and styles.

Volga Granite

Volga Black granite is a resolute natural stone found in India. It is an excellent stone that has gained its reputation in the granite industry. It is a popular choice for commercial and residential properties, both indoors and outdoors. It is categorized as such, because it has a uniformly dense background with plenty of Black crystals. It is used in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and high-end furniture.

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