Black Granite Types

Black Granite Types: Granite slabs are one of the most popular natural stones used by property owners worldwide. Among all them, black granite is leading the trend with its natural black beauty and elegance. The granite known for its strength, durability and look that remains unmatched in the world of natural stones.

Reasons to Choose Black Granite?

  • The aesthetics created by adding black granite to your home decor or exteriors simply stands out in the crowd.
  • On this granite, there is a range of patterns and swirls of black and white that tends to add a style statement that is modern, unique, and luxurious.
  • Homeowners usually use fancy black granite to give a striking look to their kitchens and bathrooms. The incorporation of black granite can endow the space with its novel look.
  • It complements easily with the design elements including flooring, cabinets and sink – no matter which colour or texture.
  • It is a colour that easily blends with other colours, the black granite provides a contrasting appearance when matched with white or light colour cabinets.
  • The look offered to any commercial or residential space is consistent in colour and texture. Black granite can be used in countless applications such as indoors and outdoors.
  • Its polished surface reflects, shines & it is a universal choice for crafting attractive countertops, floors, outdoor cladding and architectural features.


The stone is resistant to water and heat and requires very little maintenance. It can easily be sanitised by just cleaning it with soapy water. Hence, no matter which project it is chosen, the stone stands out even in freezing temperatures.

Therefore, black granite proves to be an apt choice.

  • Kitchen Countertops –
  • Bathroom –
  • Table Tops/Bar Tops –
  • Flooring –
  • Accent Walls –
  • Outdoor Cladding –

Flodeal’s Most Popular Black Granite Types

At Flodeal, Black granite is one of the most popular selling colours used for countertops, flooring and bathrooms. These dark granites are available in slabs, tiles, countertops, backsplash tiles with us. There are some Plain Black Granite and Some Black Granite with Silver Sparkle or gold Flecks.Flodeal manufactures & Exports the most popular black granite :

Titanium Black

Titanium Black Granite Supplier

It is an Indian Black Granite. It has a dark black background with a wavy pattern of white and golden colour veins. Quarries of this beautiful black granite are in Rajasthan, India. Flodeal Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Titanium Black Granite from India. We make this granite in slabs, tiles, countertops, cut sizes, steps & risers.

Absolute Black

It is also an Indian Granite. This is also known as Jet Black Granite. Absolute black is mostly used in making high-end kitchen countertops, gravestones, and tombstones. It is one of the darkest granite available. A solid black stone with no porosity makes it one of the highest-grade natural stones. It comes from the quarries of Khammam, Warangal, Chamrajnagar, Mysore, and Kanakapura. All these quarries produce high-quality dark stone.

Black Galaxy

It is a popular granite from India. This natural stone has a dark black background with small gold and silver flecks which gives it a look of stars in the sky. This stone is also called Star Galaxy Granite. It is a durable stone used for making kitchen countertops, wall tiles flooring, and making centre tables. It is one of the most popular black stones for making Kitchen Countertops.

Pebble black

It is an exclusive Indian Granite. This is a very new granite from India and it has already earned a very good reputation for flooring and kitchen countertops. The background colour of this granite is bluish-green, with dunes like patterns. This granite is an ideal choice for elegant Kitchen countertops, wall cladding, bathroom tiles, and flooring.

Pebble Black Granite

Black Forest

It is black granite from India. This granite has a dark background with white veins which are like a spider net. veins intersect sometimes and give the look of a dark forest. It has many similarities in pattern with Paradiso Granite and is also called Silver Paradiso. This granite is primarily used for Kitchen Countertops, wall tiles, and flooring. This is quarried in the Karnataka State of India.

Black Pearl Granite

It is a popular Indian Granite. This granite is very much popular in Northern America. This granite has a dark background with a pearl-like texture. This is a very consistent granite and can be used in big projects. This granite is mainly used in Kitchen Countertops and wall cladding. The countertops of Black Pearl look very elegant and can be used in Bathroom Tiles.

black pearl granite kitchen countertop

Rajasthan Black Granite

Rajasthan Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

It is an Indian Black Granite. This granite is dark in colour with small brown and blue garnets. This is quarried in the Rajasthan state of India. The granite comes in -4 variations as the quarries are located in big areas. The stone is a popular choice for modern kitchen countertops.

Bengal Black granite

Bengal Black Granite is a natural Granite from India. It’s base is Black in color with attractive light white grains or silvery minerals scattered throughout its surface. It is mostly preferred by the contractors for construction because of its base & attractive light white grains.

Black Albena granite

It is a premium quality of black granite that gives an amazing appearance to the flooring and wall. These are combinations of dark grey or black with white or grey patterns on them. It is perfect for countertops, flooring, and wall cladding.

This granite lasts for a long time & doesn’t require any chemical processing.It’s main properties is that it is resistant to heat & has long-lasting Shine.

Black Galaxy Golden star granite

It is black granite with crystalline minerals of golden color which gives a beautiful appearance to this stone. The gold crystal is due to the presence of bronzite. This type of granite has a good demand in chinese market.

Black Galaxy White Star Granite

This type of black Galaxy White Star granite contains small white flecks that are quarried in India. It is well known for its beautiful looks and striking finish. This type of stone lasts for a very long time therefore it is most suitable for construction projects both commercial and domestic.

Black Galaxy Leather finishes

Black Granite Leather Finish has a textured and crinkled surface, its natural textures make it more appealing for flooring and countertop uses. It gives your home a unique and rustic style. Leather finishes bring a unique, archaic, and seemingly traditional look to a countertop.Leather granite is the best option ,as it requires reasonably low maintenance.

Black Marquina Granite

Black Marquina Granite is a type of black granite with a white or grey wavy design that is found in the northern part of India. It has a lot of grey or white color waves in the background of the stone & it is lighter than any other granite. It is very popular all over the world. You can use it as wall cladding and luxurious flooring due to its high performance.

Black Milano granite

It is imported granite stone with a light grey background & dark grey black material on it. It makes an exciting impact and sets the luxury ambiance when used in the halls of your house.

Cincinnati Granite

It is an outstanding stone with a mix of brown, black grey red, and brown waves all over the surface. The dramatic veining present in this stone catches anyone’s attention. Widely famous for its amazing physical properties like low water absorption capacity, crack-free surface, and High durability & doesn’t have any effect on extreme weather conditions like heat as well as rain.

Classic Volga Granite

Durable natural stone imported from Ukraine. It’s Dense, black mineral deposits give a filter that almost looks like shattered glass, but it’s the exquisite blue mineral deposits that provide this granite its name. It is beautiful, durable granite in shades of dark greys and blues with lighter differences in greys and blues.

Cobbles Marinace Black Granite

This type of granite is an amazing combination of dark grey and brown color & has a bubble-like appearance of Brown color on a dark grey surface. It is the perfect choice for all its applications as it has a unique mineral composition of stone. It is the stone which comes with some inherent features like durability and resistance from heat and water.

Coin Black Granite

This type of granite has a Coin cell lying on it. As granite is one of the hardest stones and lasts for years, You can utilize it as a building stone for both inside and outside ,as granite is one of the hardest stones and lasts for years. This type of Granite is popular for flooring as well as wall cladding. It is mostly preferred for commercial places like restaurants, shops, schools, hotels, and other places.

Phirangipuram Black granite

Phirangipuram Black Granite is a kind of black granite quarried in the southern parts of India. It has a dark black background with white dots on the stone. The Phirangipuram Black Granite is one of the most demanded products of the Indian Granite trade.

Fish Black Granite

It has fish-like white dots in the background. It is beautiful black granite with a black base & having fish-shaped white swirls all across the surface of the slabs. It is very popular for its vibrant color, durability, and exclusive finish and polished.This Fish Black granite is the perfect choice for the interior flooring and wall decoration of the house.

Golden Oro

Golden Oro is a beautiful granite with a black base and golden texture running all over the surface. This stone contains intense and bright black colour & has a unique material.It has a golden pattern on a black background

Majestic Black Granite

Majestic black granite is a fantastic combination of black and grey color.It has a bubble-like appearance of grey color on a black surface. It is known for its natural look and color & has a long-lasting shine and durability. It is a type of high-quality black granite with a low water absorption capacity and optimum strength.

Majestic Lappato Black Granite

The word Lappato has been derived from an Italian name. Majestic Lappato Granite or Brown Lappato Granite is a fantastic combination of dark grey and brown color. Majestic Lappato Granite has an excellent hardness and durability features of this granite.As it is easily available in multiple colors makes it a favorite homeowner choice.

River Black Granite

River black granite has a white color pattern like the flow of the river. It is the perfect choice for the interior flooring, wall decoration of the house & for Countertops of kitchen and bathroom vanity top and sink tops.

Ruby Black granite

Ruby Black Granite is a black color granite with a crystalline ruby Material that gives a stunning look to the interior of your house.This granite is very popular among interior designers and decorators. This crystalline pattern gives an elegant appearance to the interior of residential and commercial spaces. It is widely used granite because of its features like high strength, easy maintenance, stain resistance, skid resistance, and highly resistant to heat and water, etc.

Spicy Black granite

Spicy Black Granite is quarried in the southern parts of India.It has dark black stripes in the greyish-black background of the stone.It is also called Black Spice Granite, Spice Black Granite, Royal Black Granite.

Telephone Black granite

It has an overflow of black shade and water linings on the top of the surface. It’s important features are high strength. Easy maintenance, stain resistance, skid resistance, etc & widely used for interior and exterior.

Titanium Black granite

Titanium Black granite is an all-natural stone with white and fawn veins swirling against black veins and darkish grey. It is a natural stone that is very attractive to your eye. It is ideal for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops & works well with a variation of shades and styles.

Volga Granite

Volga Black granite is a resolute natural stone found in India. It is an excellent stone that has gained its reputation in the granite industry. It is a popular choice for commercial and residential properties, both indoors and outdoors. It is categorized as such, because it has a uniformly dense background with plenty of Black crystals. It is used in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and high-end furniture.

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