Hassan Green Granite

The Hassan Green Granite is a combination of dark grey and green, which gives it a unique color. This granite is an igneous stone and is very strong. The color is natural, steadily, and evenly spread across the quarried slab’s surface. Flodeal is one of the major manufacturers and exporters of the Hassan Green Granite.

The Hassan Green Granite is the perfect choice for Elevator Panels, high-traffic areas in commercial and domestic structures, tabletops, countertops, paving exterior and interior wall cladding, and flooring. The main features of this granite are that it has a glossy appearance, is scratch-resistant, and has precise dimensions for both polished and unpolished types.

The Hassan Green Granite is a famous dimensional stone used in construction. Worldwide many people prefer this granite due to its natural make and sturdy nature. It gives a very classy touch and can be used for exterior and interior applications.

Kuppam Green Granite

Kuppam Green Granites comes in a beautiful green color and is a combination of grey and green colored backgrounds. It has delicate patterns and white specks and seam patterns which gives it a marvelous display. The pattern is almost consistent, making it even more desirable for those who want a unique and continuous look.

The Kuppam Green Granite is durable and can easily withstand freezing temperatures. That makes it ideal for both Exterior and Interior applications. The other places you can use it are Countertops (Kitchen), Pavements, and Floorings. It can be used in domestic and Commercial projects to beautify the structure. Due to its scratch resistance power, heat-resistance power, it is one of the best options for hall floorings and kitchen tops, and you wouldn’t have to worry about any harm. Flodeal manufactures and exports Kuppam Green Granite and various other top-quality stones.