Important things you must know about marble countertops

Marble is the best choice as kitchen countertops for most homeowners. Marble has its beauty and uniqueness that adds richness and aesthetic value to the room. Marble comes in several colours, styles, gradients and patterns. The white marble outshines all other varieties. It is one of the best naturally available, affordable choices for countertops. But, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. And so does marble have quite a few notable drawbacks behind the gorgeous exterior appearance.

So, keep reading. Because we have exclusively made a list of the factors that you need to keep in mind while buying marble.

Marble is quite porous

Getting deeper into the geology of marble, it is found that marble is quite weak and prone to stains. It is found that staining agents leak into the marble and damage it. But, there is a solution to it. Professionally sealing the surface during installation can prevent this damage to a large extent. But, you need to reseal it every year, for proper maintenance.

Marble is prone to stains and scratches

Acid etching wears off the sealant and makes the surface dull and more prone to stains. It is better to use white marble to avoid the dirty appearance of stains. This is because acid etching often leaves a whitish mark, which becomes quite prominent in other colours.

And better would be to clean the stain immediately after it falls. For water-based stains use hydrogen peroxide and oil-based stains use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in warm water to clean it.

Marble is heat resistant

Marble is the best choice for kitchen countertops because it is heat resistant. You can keep hot utensils on it without any worry. But, however heat resistant it is, do not place a piping hot pot on marble. This is because it may cause discoloration or burning of the surface.

Marble adds beauty and richness to your kitchen

If properly maintained and cleaned, marble adds exquisiteness to your kitchen. It is trending currently, because of its polished gleaming looks. Rather, a tint of gold or brass on white marble or a monochromatic and modern hue paired with chrome looks attractive.

Marble can be easily afforded

Last but not the least; marble is quite cheap and affordable. Rather, marble is the cheapest natural stone readily available in the market. Also, its maintenance and repair cost is quite less.

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