What makes Granite the first choice for all its buyers?

Because of its durability, richness in color and shine makes granite first choice of all its buyers. Many countries are involved in the granite process, but there are two big players known in the International stone market; one in India and the other in China. Many colors and finishes produce by both countries. Granite Wholesalers and producers in China and India supply various granite stones that are not the same. 

India is known for its quality and assurance of Granite because of this, many countries are purchasing from India, as they are assured of the natural stone they are buying. Indian Granite is more durable, and there is more shininess in granite stone when compared to Chinese Granite. 

In India, cities that are hubs for the production of Granite are Bangalore, Chennai and Rajasthan. In China, cities known for quarrying granite are Fujian, Shandong and Guangdong. Being the two biggest players in the stone market, there is still a difference in variety, quality, etc.

Comparison of Indian
Granite v/s Chinese Granite

Suppose you look at the Granite produced by India and China, From richness in color to quality and shine of the stone to its durability. Below are the points to compare differentiating the Indian & Chinese Granite.

  • Indian Granite & Chinese Granite Strength and durability: Reason why people chose the Indian Granite rather than choosing a Chinese Granite Because Indian granite is more durable and comes clean without any hairline crack, but the Chinese Granite shines brighter & has a fine hairline crack, between there design. This hairline crack cannot be noticed with the naked eye. Any granite that is weak in quality wholesalers and producers compromise them on its making and sell it at a lower price while the other is of good quality. 
  • Indian Granite & Chinese Granite Lustrous surface: Good quality granite is known for its lustrous surface that means it should shine after a decade. Though, China supplies the shiniest Granite to the world, as it said that Chinese wholesalers apply oils to hide the dent or crack in the Granite, thus saving money and making it more of cheap quality. Oil will remove defects and hides the cracks from the stone, leaving it more attractive. But, When compared with the Indian Granite, Chinese Granite looks pale and dull. 
  • Indian Granite and Chinese Granite Color Richness and Elegance :
  • The element of richness and elegance is defined in a good granite. Indian Granite offers a wide range of vibrant colors like gold, brown, white, black, brown, beige etc., with zero defect in the quality of Granite. All buyers of Indian Granite can see a wide range of Indian granite colors compared to the Chinese Granite. 
  • Indian Granite and Chinese granite Staining- Chinese Granite is porous water-absorbing; thus, it stains very compared to Indian Granite.
  • Indian Granite & Chinese granite sound effect and hardness- Granite from India comes out to be hard and dense in color & makes the “right sound effect,” whereas Chinese Granite is less dense than the Granite from India. 
ceramic tiles

Chinese Granite has some quality issues.

There are a lot of parameter on how you decide the quality of granite slabs that includes 

China has been exporting all sorts of granite slabs all across the globe without checking for the quality. Thus, one should be aware of how this is going to affect in the long run. There are a lot of factors that can analyze the quality of granite slabs they are :

  • – Pitting
  • – Thickness
  • – Density
  • – Marking
  • – Colours
  • – Stone veins
  • – Stone texture

1. Category – Low-grade Granite

  • Mostly used by builders in buildings and apartments.
  • Produced and sold by China 
  • Granite slabs of 3/8 inches 

2. Category – Mid grade granite

  • Produced in India and Brazil. 
  • The thickness of this slab is ¾ inch.

3. Category – High-grade Granite

  • Outshines the other Granite 
  • Known for its fine and superior quality
  • Found in almost all colors and the veins are visible. 
  • The thickness of the granite slab is ¾.

The above category explains where to buy affordable granite stone slabs and looking for quality over quantity. India and Brazil take utmost care of the standards China believes in sending out their low-quality products.

People in the U.S don’t like to buy granite stone from China as they don’t want to compromise on quality. 

Here’s are the following reasons why people don’t like to buy granite stone from China:

  • The Granite exported from China can be a health hazard as it emits uranium and radon gas residues. 
  • The Chinese import stones contain residues of potassium and radioactive isotopes, which can cause some serious radiation.
  • Granite exported by China is of cheap quality. 


Rather, they think of spending on the Granite made in India for better quality and long-lasting products.

Flodeal, being one of the top granite exporters and manufacturers from India, supplies the best quality granite with no harmful impact on human health.