Is sandstone an appropriate choice for kitchen countertops?

Sandstone is a naturally quarried stone, mined and cut from solid stone. It is composed of chloride, magnesite and dolomite. It comes in a myriad of vivid and natural eye-catching colours. Also, the powdery look of the stone appears due to the presence of a bit of talc. The cutting and the standard matte finish leaves a natural tree stem-like texture on the countertops. Often sandstone is confused with soapstone, but the two are way different.

They are always beautiful as countertops but do the other factors, satisfy so that it can be used as a countertop. Keep Reading!!!


They are the most attractive countertops available to homeowners in this generation. They provide the colour of earth tones with the look of the natural tree stem with rings. Also, with a soft and smooth texture, it has the pattern of canyon walls. And the polished ones have a different exquisiteness. The countertops provide a lovely hue of mauve, rose, chrome and other colours.


The biggest potential drawback of sandstone is, it is highly porous. So, oil, water and other liquids, especially acids penetrate the surface. Thus, slowly it gets damaged if it is not sealed properly.
Take the help of a professional contractor with good experience in sandstone countertop installation for proper sealing. Always ensure from the person, what sealant is used, how many years of guarantee does it provide, how will the countertops be sealed and other relevant information.

Maintenance and Cleaning

For cleaning, before applying the cleaning product on the countertop, test it on a small piece if available. Preferably use a mild detergent and water, and wipe the countertop with a towel. Do not allow stains to stay on the surface for more than a few minutes. This may damage the sealant and get absorbed into the surface. Wipe off the stains immediately.


This is a part of maintenance. Resealing the countertops at regular intervals is very important to prevent them from any damage. Most sealants are long-lasting, for almost 3 to 7 years. But the resealing depends on several factors like the projected usage, quality of the sealant used, its maintenance, the durability of the sealant used and many more. Reseal the countertops before the previous one completely wears away.


Thus, sandstone is a perfect choice for kitchen countertops with beauty and elegance, is the resealing is done properly at regular intervals.

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