Jhansi Red Granite Monument

Jhansi Red is a beautiful red color granite from India. This is one of the most popular red granite for making monuments, trombones and gravestone.

We make Jhansi Red Granite monuments in various sizes and thickness. This is red granite has blue colored garnet, which makes it beautiful in using countertops and flooring also.

India is a boiling pot of cultures and has a very rich history. There are many monuments in India of various freedom fighters made from Jhansi Red Granite. Being the birthplace of Jhansi Rani Laxmi Bai, this type of red granite is all the more famous.

Flodeal is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Jhansi Red Granite from India, and they are the leading Jhansi Red Granite thick slabs suppliers. There is a huge demand for this type of granite slabs and the company is producing and selling these in huge quantities.

Let’s get to know the specialty of this granite:

Quarry Location

This type of Granite is sourced from quarries in Jhansi which is in Uttar Pradesh in India. This area is near to Madhya Pradesh and most of the processing is done in nearby Rajasthan State. The processed material is available in Rajasthan only.


As the name suggests the Jhansi Red Granite comes in Red flower-like structures with blueish grey crystal-like structures on them. It is called by various names like Red Jhansi Granite, Up Red Granite, and Royal Red Granite.


They come in types like Sanded, Sandblasted, Polished, Rock faced, Polished, Sawn Cut, and Tumbled types.


The Jhansi Red Granite can be used for exterior walls, interior walls, floor applications, countertops, tombstones, monuments, mosaics, fountains, and many more.

The Jhansi Red Granite is famous for its rich color and has many other good qualities like permanence, vibrant red color, polished with an exclusive finishing. They are widely used in India to make homes, monuments, tombs look extravagant. They are suitable for any kind of interior or exterior decorations to modern homes or any type of structure. Flodeal is the best dealer for sourcing these types of stones as the company has been in this business for many years. You can expect quality stones, marbles, and of course the famous Jhansi Red Granite from us, and get value for the money spent.