Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir White Granite is one of the many options when selecting granite slabs. It brings a specific charm to the table when used in the right manner. It is available in many colours and styles but Kashmir White Granite is one of the most popular granite flavours. Its background is what makes it stand out and makes the place where it is installed look really stunning.
To a great degree, it offers a white appearance with grey tinctures that give it a mere grey tone if we look at it from a distance. You can use it for Floors, Facades, Kitchen tops, and many other places.

Alaska White Granite

Alaska White Granite comes in a slightly silver and white colour with natural frost markings. It is quarried in Brazil and is imported. The natural colour of the granite gives a very modern and light feel to it. Its main composition is quartz feldspar and thus it has low water absorption capacity.
Alaska White Granite is a stone that looks appealing and striking when you look at it. It is most commonly used for exterior flooring, wall cladding, stair casing, and countertops. It is the right choice for many people as it is in the affordable price range.

Moon White Granite

Moon White Granite is quarried in Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. These stones look very trendy as it is a composition of white & grey granulites, red-coloured garnets, and coarse grains. The look of this stone makes the property where it is installed look super-savvy, and that is the reason why it is priced a bit high, but it is a pocket-friendly price.
It is mainly used for floorings and wall claddings and Table Tops.
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